Katie Orr: My Real Estate Success Story

Katie's Story

Katie Orr was a first-grade teacher for nine years before she became a real estate agent. As a teacher, Katie worked long and hard hours. When she got into real estate, she quickly realized she could work fewer hours and still earn the salary she wanted.

"What I didn't realize coming into the real estate space is that I could gain financially what I was making as a teacher in half the work hours," Orr said. "So, I was getting financially what I needed while also getting to spend a lot of time at home with my girls and that's exactly what I wanted to do."

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In her first month of being a real estate agent, Katie landed two deals which ended up only costing her about eight hours of work total. From her experience working those first two deals, Orr says, "Those two deals gave me the monthly salary I had made as a teacher in a way less amount of time."

But what about the great feeling of purpose that comes with helping others as a teacher? Orr says that's not something she had to give up. "You can feel like you're doing something really good and that you're serving your community in the same kind of way. Because I know that was a struggle for me moving away from teaching, that was something I got so much out of, but I'm also realizing I can find that in another profession that doesn't take me away from the things that are actually the most important to me."

When it came to transitioning into this new career, Katie found that it actually wasn't that big of a leap, since a lot of her teaching skills translated really well to being a real estate agent. "I feel like the skill I used most as a teacher that I feel made me the most successful was really building those relationships with my students, and the parents, and the teachers. I was able to take that and move it into real estate and use it with my clients and my colleagues and anyone else I was working with."

One of the biggest things that made the switch easy for Orr was the fact that she was able to get her real estate license online at her convenience. "I tell my husband all the time that I basically got my real estate license in my pajamas," Orr laughs. "I was very worried about how I was going to manage all of this...so I looked online and found out you could get your real estate license all online and you can do it at your own pace."

Katie has loved her new career in real estate so much that she wishes she could go back and get her license sooner. "It's something I could've been doing in the summers, on the breaks, there [would have been] just so many opportunities for me to really utilize something like this."

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