How to Market Your Business on New Homeowners Day

On May 1 of each year, real estate agents and home buyers have the opportunity to celebrate National New Homeowners Day. This is a time to appreciate the joys of homeownership and all of the fun and exciting adventures it has to offer. It also creates some unique marketing opportunities.

When done correctly, taking the time to acknowledge this day can help you solidify your relationship with past and existing clients while also attracting the attention of potential new home buyers. While the perfect strategy will depend on your target market, the following four ideas can help inspire you to create your own impactful marketing campaign.

Social Media Marketing

Since most agents already have a presence on social media, this is an easy place to begin your marketing campaign. Some of the most popular platforms for agents include Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Jump on the bandwagon by creating a couple of well-thought-out posts and graphics that fit with the theme. This may include positive quotes about homeownership or simply a heartfelt congratulations to those who have made the plunge. You may also post about the benefits of homeownership, along with an offer to help anyone who wants to “join the club” in time to celebrate next year. Don’t forget to use the official hashtag #NewHomeOwnersDay so your posts are easy to find.

User-Generated Content

Allowing your followers to share their own content is a great way to increase your social media engagement and increase the impact of your marketing campaign. Ask followers to share their favorite experience as a new homeowner or a photo of them enjoying their new home. For even greater reach, you could also encourage them to post to their own social media platforms, using a special hashtag that includes your company name.

To get the most out of your campaign, consider launching on May 1 and continuing for two weeks or even the whole month. To incentivize participation, you could turn it into a contest or do a random prize drawing at the end of the campaign.

Email Marketing

It's always great when you can reach out to your email list without a direct marketing request. Take advantage of this opportunity by sending an email to any clients who have purchased from you in the last two years. Let them know it's New Homeowners Day, congratulate them on their purchase, and thank them for putting their trust in you.

You can also send a separate email to prospective clients, letting them know about the special day and reminding them that you’re here to help when they’re ready to make their move.

Send a Thoughtful Gift

While many agents send a closing gift, it’s less common to follow up with a gift in the future. If it’s in your budget, consider sending a small token of appreciation to any client who has purchased a home from you in the last year. Include a note congratulating them on their first year in their new home and thanking them for their business. This is an excellent way to stand out from the crowd and ensure you’re top of mind when additional opportunities arise.

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