Real Estate Lessons From Board Games

Just recently, Forbes released an article listing four real estate lessons you can learn from playing old-school board games. While we definitely agree with their four picks, we couldn’t help but add our own lessons to the list. Who knew playing board games could help your real estate career so much? Okay, drum roll please. Here are our four real estate lessons learned from playing board games.

1. Know The Rules

Before sitting down to start a board game with your friends, what’s the one thing you should do? Get snacks? No! Well, yes, but we’re talking about the other one thing. You need to make sure you know the rules. Before you can come up with a helpful strategy for winning the game, you’ve gotta know the basics of the game. The same is true for real estate. Before you can master the art of finding clients and making sales, you need to know the rules of the game. Study real estate contracts and laws. Take continuing education courses. Stay aware of industry updates. Know the rules.

2. Sometimes You Just Need to Make a Move

Having a strategy is great. Taking the time and care to plan out your next move is great. But sometimes, even the most well-thought out plans don’t work out the way you wanted them to and you may not always have the time to fully formulate a new plan. In these cases, you’re going to have to do some thinking on your feet. And that’s okay! When you find yourself in a situation without a plan or strategy, trust your gut and make a move. You may have to do a little recorrecting along the way, but it’s better than not making any moves at all.

3. Don’t Show Your Hand

This one is easy. When playing a game, you never want to show your hand. Why? Because that gives your opponents the ammo they need to defeat you. So maybe don’t go around bragging about that new prospective client you’re meeting for dinner. Another agent might swoop in and woo that prospective client away before you even have a chance to introduce yourself.

4. Learn From Others’ Mistakes

Ahh, one of life’s best pieces of advice. If you see your opponent or teammate make a move that sets them back a few spots on the board, or gets them kicked out of the game entirely, you’re probably going to make sure you don’t repeat that move. The same can be said for real estate. If you see another agent do something that violates fair housing laws, are you going to follow their lead? I don’t think so! Learning from others’ mistakes can help you to avoid any of your own.


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