10 Skills of Successful Real Estate Agents

There are lots of reasons to become a real estate agent. You can set your own schedule. You can control how much you earn by putting in the work and choosing the right local market to represent. And unlike many professions, you don't need an advanced degree. You just need to take the licensing exam after completing some required real estate courses.

To be truly successful at this job, though, you'll need to have at least some of the following skills. They will help you develop a strong network and establish a great reputation in your community.

1. Empathy

Successful real estate agents must be able to understand a buyer's and seller's concerns. Great agents connect emotionally and are able to reassure their clients during stressful negotiations.

2. Reliability

When you're trying to buy or sell a house, everything is urgent. Successful real estate agents get that and make themselves available to answer questions as soon as possible. This is not a job where you can postpone conversations and let calls go unanswered. You must be there for your clients — yes, sometimes literally 24/7.

3. Communication

Likewise, successful real estate agents know they have to initiate contact to keep lines of communication open. Corrine Ricciardi, a real estate broker with Compass Point Real Estate in Blue Hill, Maine, explains that "clear, open, and frequent communication is an essential skill in any successful agent/client relationship."

4. Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the ability to take in diverse information and make sound conclusions. As a real estate agent, you'll need to exercise this skill when setting listing prices, negotiating deals, and showing properties to clients.

5. Trustworthiness

People rely on their real estate agent in a variety of ways. Unfortunately, a recent national survey found that only 11 percent of respondents actually trust their real estate agent. That makes real estate one of the least trusted professions, but it also gives you a chance to shine. Demonstrate trustworthiness, and over time, clients will seek you out.

6. Honesty

As tempting as it can be to sugarcoat things, real estate agents need to be honest with clients about all aspects of the market. Honesty is the best possible way to establish trust.

7. Integrity

In addition to honesty, you also need to have the integrity to establish your reputation in the community. Integrity is doing the things you say you will do — every single time. Successful real estate agents follow through on their commitments, becoming valued resources for their clients for years to come.

8. Pragmatism

Buyers and sellers can be pretty unrealistic. They overestimate the value of their upgrades. They want an affordable home in the city's best school district. As a successful real estate agent, you need to be able to bring your clients back to earth and help them develop realistic expectations.

9. Flexibility

Real estate is a balance between meeting complex deadlines and waiting for clients to make decisions. It can be stressful for an agent who doesn't have the skill of flexibility, the ability to "roll with the punches." Knowing when to be flexible can also help you through the negotiating process.

10. Toughness

One of the most important things you'll do as an agent is negotiate contracts. Your clients are depending on you to close the deal and get them a favorable offer. To do that successfully, you'll need to be tough.

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