5 Tips for Marketing Yourself Through Photography

Earning your real estate license was just the first step. Now that you’re a real estate professional, you’ll need to gain skills in all kinds of areas to ensure career success. Marketing and photography are essential. Luckily, anyone with a cell phone and some imagination can learn to take great photos.

5 tips to market yourself and your listings through photography

Be Straightforward

First and foremost, remember that the best photographs don’t trick buyers. They accurately show each room in the house and give viewers a sense of layout and condition. The last thing you want is a buyer being disappointed at an in-person showing because the photographs were misleading.

Take Photos in Different Lights

Sure, you have some great daylight images of the house you’re listing, but try taking some shots at dusk or in the evening. Does the house have particularly great lighting in the garden for al fresco entertaining? Or a charming, light-lined path to the front door? Buyers will never know if you don’t capture what it looks like at different times of day.

Highlight Unique Features

Once you’ve captured all of the essentials, take some detail shots. Highlight the unique features that make this house stand out from the crowd. Close-ups of beautiful tile or peeks inside well-organized closets are just as important as shots of the living room.

Don’t Forget About Headshots

Clients want to connect with you on a personal level, beyond your real estate license. Personal photographs can be a great way to display your personality and attract your target customers. Well-chosen candid photographs or portraits in a non-traditional setting can set you apart from the crowd.

Post Your Photos Widely

Now you have great photos that present you and your listings in an appealing light, use them! Think outside of the box in order to find places to post them beyond the MLS. Use social media to reach a wider audience. Pitch homes with particularly great interiors or features to real estate blogs. Has photography become your passion? Instagram is a great place to share images and illustrate your aesthetic. While it is more difficult to link directly on their platform, it can be a good place to build a portfolio of the types of houses you list and your market segment.

With just a phone and some practice, you can take your marketing to the next level. And who knows, maybe you’ll gain a new hobby in the process!

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