Should I Work While I Earn My Real Estate License in Texas?

Before starting the journey of becoming a real estate agent you’ll need to decide whether or not to keep working your regular job.
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Before starting the epic journey of becoming a real estate agent you’ll need to decide whether or not to keep working. On the one hand, you’ll be spending money on real estate courses and the licensing exam while waiting on your first close. On the other hand, earning a real estate license takes focus, and there’s a lot to get done before you can start earning a commission.

To answer the title question, you have to answer a few other questions first.

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How Soon Do You Want Your Real Estate License?

Whether you can work full-time while getting a real estate license largely depends on how quickly you want to get your license. In Texas, you have to complete 180 hours of required real estate education. It breaks down into six 30-hour courses.

Some people continue working, but they only take one or two real estate courses at a time as their schedule permits. If your goal is to get a real estate license ASAP, you may want to focus all your time and energy on the courses.

How Do You Plan to Take the Courses?

Another consideration is how you plan to take the required pre-license courses. Taking real estate courses online gives you a lot more flexibility in your schedule for working. You can also complete the courses at your own pace, providing even more schedule flexibility.

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How Much Money Do You Have Saved?

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In addition to paying for the courses, tests, license and marketing materials, you have to do so with no money coming in while also paying regular monthly expenses. As a new real estate agent you won’t get a paycheck from an employer. And it will take at least a month or two for your first close. If you don’t plan to work a side job, you need to have enough saved to cover your monthly expenses for at least 4-6 months.

If you choose to work while taking real estate courses try to find a position within the industry that doesn’t require a license, like property manager or office administrator. You can begin applying some of your newfound knowledge while getting a better idea of what it’s like to work in real estate.