What Real Estate Courses Are Required to Earn Your Texas License?

Getting started in your new real estate career requires a specific set of educational courses to ensure you're ready for all of the job's responsibilities.

U.S. citizen - check. Texas resident - check. Eighteen years or older - check.

Congratulations! You meet the minimum requirements for earning a real estate license in Texas. But don’t send in your real estate license application just yet. There are a few more requirements that have to be met first.

All salesperson applicants must receive basic real estate pre-license training. The education requirement helps ensure hopeful real estate agents are prepared to take the Texas real estate exam and start representing clients.

Let’s take a look at what you’ll learn from our real estate license classes and training.

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What courses are you required to take to get your Texas Real Estate License?

The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) has determined that each salesperson applicant must have 180 classroom hours in specific training before they can take the real estate licensing exam. To meet the education requirement and become a real estate agent you must successfully complete each of the classes below:

Principles of Real Estate I (Course #121)

30 Hours

Principles of Real Estate I - agents should understand the basics of how property is transferred and the role they play in a real estate transaction. The essentials every person must know to work in the real estate industry are included in this first class. It’s an overview of what it takes to be a real estate salesperson in Texas and an introduction into real estate practices.

Principles of Real Estate II (Course #122)

30 Hours

You didn’t think you could learn all the real estate education basics in one class, did you? Principles of Real Estate II is a follow-up course that goes into more detail on getting a salesperson license and aspects of property conveyance. The course also touches on national, state and local real estate law.

Law of Agency (Course #1151)

30 Hours

International real estate may be a growing trend, but you have to start with local laws and regulations. This real estate class is all about the legal matters involved with being a real estate salesperson in Texas. Law of Agency provides vital information on the fiduciary duties of a real estate agent, authority as a real estate agent, listing procedures, buying procedures and disclosure.

Law of Contracts (Course #1251)

30 Hours

Writing up contracts and closing real estate transactions is a large part of what a salesperson does. The Law of Contracts course will teach you about the parts of a contract, what constitutes acceptance, how to handle a breach of contract, signs of fraud and more.

Promulgated Contracts (Course #351)

30 Hours

Learn about the promulgated contract forms that are currently used in real estate practice. The Promulgated Contract Forms course explains how these forms can be used along with unauthorized practices.

Real Estate Finance (Course #451)

30 Hours

Every real estate professional should understand how mortgage financing works. Financial decision-making ultimately rests on the buyer/seller, but as a real estate professional, you’re there to provide guidance. This Real Estate Finance pre-license class will prepare you to discuss financial options and help buyers find a trustworthy lender.

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Required Broker Course

Want to be your own broker? To become a real estate broker you must have four years of experience as an active Texas real estate agent and additional classes must be taken.

Real Estate Brokerage

30 Hours

This pre-licensing course is a mandatory class that must be taken within two years of applying for a broker license. In addition to Agency Law, Real Estate Brokerage covers all the aspects of running a brokerage from selecting and training personnel to proper operational procedures.

Additional Classroom Hours and Elective Education

But that’s not the only education requirement. Before you can take the licensing exam you must have completed a total of 630 hours of continuing education. Agents must continue education to keep their licenses active, so there’s a good chance many of those hours have already been met. If not, there are numerous elective courses on property management, commercial real estate and other related topics that can be taken online or in-person.

Learn at Your Own Pace With Online Real Estate Courses

All the courses above have to be administered by an approved qualifying education provider if you want to receive credit. For instance, Aceable is one of the TREC-approved mobile apps for real estate training.

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