Show Your Clients Some Love: 5 Valentine’s Day Promotional Ideas for Busy Real Estate Pros

It’s the perfect time to connect with old clients, meet new ones and maybe, just maybe, cultivate some much-needed referrals along the way.
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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and love is in the air. And for busy real estate pros? It’s the perfect time to connect with old clients, meet new ones and maybe, just maybe, cultivate some much-needed referrals along the way. Want to use this season of love to your professional advantage? Here are some creative ways to show your network some appreciation this Valentine’s Day.

1. Send out a gift guide.

Creating a comprehensive Valentine’s Day gift guide is a great way to help past clients and current leads alike. Use your existing email and mailing lists as the basis, and try to keep the guide as local as possible, highlighting neighborhood restaurants, small boutiques and shops, and delivery services in the area that can add convenience and ease. If you can negotiate discounts or add-ons for your recommendations, that will offer even more value to your readers. Could a local restaurant donate a free round of champagne to patrons you send their way? Maybe a florist can waive delivery fees for orders in certain neighborhoods? It’s the little details like this that customers will remember (especially the next time they need to buy a home!)

2. Raffle off a romantic surprise.

Gather new leads and circle back with old ones by raffling off a romantic date night for two. It can include reservations at a well-rated local restaurant, a sunset sail on a nearby lake or tickets to a comedy show or theater performance in the area. To run the contest, put a few love-themed boxes at popular restaurants and businesses, and ask locals to pop in a business card to enter. Shortly before the big day, draw a card at random and alert the winner. A nice bonus? You’ll have a whole slew of new leads to add to your email and mailing lists as you head into the upcoming busy season.

3. Share a sweet treat.

Forget boring old chocolates or off-the-shelf heart-shaped candies. This year, personalize your treats and remind clients just how sweet you (and your services) are. M&Ms are easily personalized; just add your initials, agency name or even a picture. You can also try customized fortune cookies, chocolate bars and more. Make the treats available to those who pop by your office and drop some off for clients you’re currently working with (or just leads you’re in the process of nurturing.)

4. Run a “spread the love” contest.

Referrals are huge in this business, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to ask for them. Use your social media profiles, email list and even snail mail list to run a “spread the love” contest. Ask past buyers and sellers to head online and review your services — in exchange for a free gift or a shot at a big prize. Make sure to include the exact venue you want the review posted to (Google, Yelp, your website, etc.), the prize and the contest deadline in your announcements.

5. Sponsor an American Heart Association event or heart health screening.

What better way to show you care than to help your clients lead longer, healthier lives? Consider partnering with a local hospital or the American Heart Association to host a heart health screening event at your office. You can also put together a team for an AHA fundraising event. The AHA’s Kids Heart Challenge and the Heart Walk are both great ways to improve community health and get your name out there at the same time.

The Heart of Your Business

This Valentine’s Day, forget the boring mailers and postcards and get creative with your promotional efforts. Remember, clients are the heart of your business, so take this opportunity to show your appreciation and let them know just how valuable they really are.