How to Pass Your Georgia Real Estate Exam

This is your guide to passing the Georgia real estate exam: the first step, requirements to get a license, and little-known tips to pass the exam.
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Getting your Georgia real estate license can open up a ton of opportunities. Your first step in the process is studying for, taking, and passing the Georgia real estate exam. Adequately preparing for the exam will help you pass the first time so you can get your license faster. The faster you get your license, the faster you can sell homes and begin earning commissions.

The guide will explain the first step you need to take, the basic requirements to get a license, and some little-known tips to pass the Georgia real estate exam.

What Is My First Step to Passing the Georgia Real Estate Exam?

The first step is to create a plan. Visit the Georgia Real Estate Commission & Appraisers Board to understand what you need to do to take the exam.

To become a Georgia real estate salesperson, you need to be 18 years old, hold at least a high school diploma or equivalent, and pass a background check. You also must complete a 75-hour pre-license course from a Georgia Real Estate Commission-approved school. The Georgia real estate salesperson exam fee is $121, and the license fee is $170.

Understanding What's on the Georgia Real Estate Exam

The most valuable resource for passing the Georgia real estate exam is to have a solid understanding of what questions will be on the exam. One of the easiest ways to learn about this is to read the Georgia Real Estate Examination Program Candidate Handbook. This guide comes with everything you need to know about the exam, including what is on it and how test day works. Once you know what to expect from the questions and the process, you'll feel much more comfortable.

Learn With the Help of a Georgia Pre-Licensing Course

That said, you'll need to take time and effort to learn everything that's on the test. Taking Georgia’s required 75-hour pre-licensing online course from a state-approved school will help you gain that understanding and feel confident when it’s time to take the exam. An online-pre licensing course can prepare you with the tools you need to pass the exam and get your Georgia real estate license.

Because everyone learns in different ways, an online real estate course offers various ways to practice the curriculum to be ready to pass the exam. Different test prep perks include:

  • An overview of the levels. These overviews have a list of objectives for each level to give you insight into what you will learn.

  • Approximate completion time. Knowing how long each level will take to complete will help you budget your studying time.

  • Study guide. Each study guide will unpack its respective level, teach you key real estate terms, and show how the material will apply in real-life scenarios.

  • A level assessment. This assessment will ensure you have mastered the content. You can benefit by taking as much time as you need to ensure you know the material inside and out. This will be a major asset when it's time to take the exam.

  • A final exam. At the end of the Georgia online real estate course, there is a final exam. This must be completed in two hours and have a score of at least 72%. An added perk is the Georgia real estate state testing provider will receive the results directly, so all you have to worry about is last-minute studying and getting a good night’s rest before the exam.

How Can I Be Sure I Will Pass the Georgia Real Estate Exam?

Aceable’s Georgia online real estate course guarantees you will pass the state licensing exam. Sign up for our Georgia real estate pre-license training so you can prepare to pass the Georgia real estate exam and become a licensed Georgia real estate agent.