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Once you've made up your mind to become a licensed real estate agent, your first task will be to choose a real estate education provider. It’s the first of five steps you’ll have to take to get your real estate license. 

One thing to keep in mind when choosing your pre-licensing course is whether or not it includes a real estate exam prep course. 

First-time real estate agents can really benefit from taking mock exams and reading sample questions. And when the prep course is bundled right into the pre-license course, that's extra value and less hassle.

Who Benefits the Most from a Real Estate Exam Prep Course?

While a real estate exam prep course would undoubtedly benefit anyone, it should be considered a must-have for certain students. Do any of these folks sound like someone you know?

  • Individuals who suffer from anxiety do better when they know what to expect.

  • People who struggle with time management can learn how quickly they need to move through questions and pace themselves appropriately.

  • Students who "just aren't good test takers" and would benefit from repetition and review.

The fact is, sometimes difficult material is just easier to understand when presented in a test question. Test prep helps people who are having trouble grasping certain concepts by presenting these concepts in a simpler, bite-sized chunk of information.

What Kind of Real Estate Exam Prep Course Works Best?

A good real estate exam prep course should contain all or most of the following:

  • Real questions from prior state and national real estate licensing tests.

  • An explanation of why your answer was right or wrong.

  • Practice questions in all of the important state topics.

  • Test prep that covers the major national subject areas covered on the licensing exam.

  • Unlimited practice exams so that students can prep as much as they need.

AceableAgent Real Estate School Offers Free Exam Practice Tests

AceableAgent Real Estate School is dedicated to providing its students with the best real estate exam prep experience possible. 

We do this by including, at no extra cost, a “Lite Exam Prep” feature to our basic course that offers up 1,000 unique real estate practice questions. This is in addition to the multiple in-course questions you’ll encounter at the chapter, level, and final exam stages.

And for those who want the ultimate in exam preparation, we have combined forces with the unquestioned leader in real estate exam prep, PrepAgent. While this AceableAgent/PrepAgent bundle will cost a touch more than our Basic course, it’s significantly cheaper than if you were to buy our basic course and the PrepAgent product separately.

AceableAgent Pre-licensing Course + PrepAgent = Ace the Test 

Students who take advantage of the AceableAgent/PrepAgent bundle will benefit from the expertise of Aceable’s elite course creators and the proven success of PrepAgent’s real estate exam preparation products. 

With AceableAgent’s pre-licensing courses, you’ll be treated to memorable, engaging, and easy-to-understand course content, including videos, interactive games, real-life scenarios, contract workshops, and infographics that distill down critical concepts to the bare, need-to-know essentials. 

Then, with PrepAgent, you will be able to test your newly gained knowledge, using their online exam prep tools, including: 

  • Thousands of national and state-specific questions (with clear explanations) 

  • Online interactive flashcards 

  • 75+ exam prep videos covering key real estate concepts

  • 70 Hours of audio lessons 

  • A 100+ page exam prep e-book 

This creates the ultimate study package for those trying to save time and money by passing the test the first time. You can find the AceableAgent/PrepAgent Pre-licensing bundle in the following states:

Why wait any longer? Get started with your real estate license course with Aceable Real Estate School today.

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Updated 12/2/22

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