What is on the Georgia Salesperson Exam?

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What is on the Georgia salesperson licensing exam? If you’re studying to get your salesperson license in Georgia, it’s a question you’ve probably asked yourself. Knowing what you’ll be tested on will not only guide your study plan, it’ll help you feel confident and prepared going into the exam center on the big day. Here’s what the test will look like.

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Georgia Salesperson Exam: The Stats

The Georgia salesperson exam is administered by PSI, a testing services provider. You can take the test at any of the PSI testing locations around the state, though you do need to make a reservation for your time slot ahead of time. The PSI candidate handbook has detailed information about the test and testing center policies. Here are some quick stats about the test:

  • Type of test: multiple-choice, four options each question
  • Number of questions: 152
  • Time allotted for the test: four hours
  • Passing score: 70 or higher

Georgia Salesperson Supplemental Examination

The Georgia Salesperson Supplemental Examination is a test given to Florida license-holders applying for a reciprocal Georgia license. Essentially, you’ll just be taking the state portion of the salesperson exam. Here’s what that test looks like:

  • Type of test: multiple-choice, four options each question
  • Number of questions: 52
  • Time allotted for the test: two hours
  • Passing score: 70 or higher

The Types of Questions You’ll See

The Georgia salesperson exam is broken up into a national portion and a state-specific portion. Both portions will have three types of multiple-choice questions:

  • Recall Questions: These simply ask a test-taker to recall information. They might be vocabulary questions or other more basic tests of your knowledge.
  • Application Questions: Application questions require a test-taker to apply the knowledge they have to a scenario. They may be more complicated and could require logical leaps to answer correctly.
  • Analysis Questions: Analysis questions require the most thought and, well, analysis. You’ll be asked to choose the best answer to a complicated scenario. Note that there may be more than one correct answer — you’re looking for the BEST choice.

Topics That Are Covered in the Georgia Salesperson Exam

The national portion has 100 questions covering seven topics:

  • Agency relationships and contracts (28 questions)
  • Real property ownership/interest (13 questions)
  • Finance (14 questions)
  • Real property (14 questions)
  • Marketing regulations (purchase and rental) (10 questions)
  • Property management (8 questions)
  • Real estate calculations (13 questions)

There are also 52 state questions. These questions cover real estate license laws and regulations specific to Georgia.

What to Bring to the Test (and What to Leave at Home)

Security is strict at the testing centers. There will be video and audio surveillance equipment in use. Here's a list of things you cannot bring with you to the exam:

  • Your phone or other electronic devices
  • Cameras, audio recorders, or paper for note-taking
  • Programmable calculators with alpha keys and calculators that print or make noise
  • Visitors or accompaniment of any kind, including family members (they can't wait in the reception area, either)
  • Weapons
  • Valuable items

Try to bring the bare minimum: your wallet and keys, including two forms of acceptable ID.

You will be provided a soft locker (a bag that can be locked shut) to stash your wallet and keys. Your personal items must fit inside the bag if you want to be eligible to take the test. You can keep the soft locker with you in the testing room, but won't be able to open it until the exam is over.

Anyone who somehow manages to sneak in a prohibited item (accidentally or intentionally) and is caught with it will immediately forfeit the exam.

What Is Acceptable ID?

This is very important: you MUST show up to take the test with two forms of current ID. At least one must be government-issued and have a name, photo, and signature. The other must have at least your name and signature.

You Must Be on Time to Take the Test

The most important thing is to get to your exam location on time. Anyone who shows up 15 minutes after the scheduled test time will not be allowed to take the exam and will have to reschedule.

Taking the Georgia Salesperson Exam

How will the test itself work?

  1. The first thing you’ll do is show your ID to the test administrator and then take a seat at a computer.
  2. You will enter your social security number and take a photo using the computer camera.
  3. You’ll then be given the opportunity to take a practice test to get a feel for the system. It’s a good idea to take the practice test since it won’t count towards your exam time.
  4. After the practice test, the real exam will begin. Questions will be presented one at a time. Click on the letter that corresponds with your answer or type the letter in the response box. Click the forward arrow to move on to the next question.
  5. If you’re unsure about a question you can bookmark it and come back to it later. Clicking on the hand icon will bring you to bookmarked questions.
  6. At any time you can click the back arrow to get to a previous question.
  7. Once you’re done your score will be calculated right there at the testing center.

If You Pass

If you pass, you’ll receive a Certification of Accuracy Statement. The certification is needed to apply for a real estate license. If you took a morning test and brought along the proper documents, you may be able to get an active license that same day. If not, you can bring the unsigned Certification of Accuracy Statement and required documents back to the test center at a later date to receive your license. Applicants have one year to complete their applications, or they must retake the test.

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