What is on the Georgia Salesperson Exam?

If you want the best shot at passing the Salesperson Exam on your first attempt you’ve got to be prepared.
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Now that you’ve got the required real estate courses out of the way, it’s time to start studying for the Georgia Salesperson Exam. Passing the exam is the final step before applying for a real estate license, which you might be able to get done the same day as your test.

If you want the best shot at passing the Salesperson Exam on the first attempt you’ve got to be prepared. Keep reading for details on how the exam is administered and what topics are covered on the test.

Georgia Salesperson Exam: The Basics

The Georgia Salesperson Exam is administered by PSI Services. It’s a computerized exam given at PSI test centers. A few other important points include:

Type of test: Multiple choice, four options each question

Number of questions: 152

Time allotted for the test: 4 hours (2 hours for the Supplemental Salesperson Exam)

Passing score: scaled score of 70 or higher

Acceptable ID: 2 current forms of government-issued IDs. The primary ID must have your name, photo, and signature.

Special Note for Florida Residents: If you’re a Florida resident and already licensed in another state, you’ll be taking the Georgia Salesperson Supplement Examination. It’s a 52-question multiple choice exam. The questions cover Georgia real estate laws and regulations.

Exam Content

So, what exactly is on the Georgia Salesperson Exam? There are three types of questions covering both national and state topics:

  • Recall Questions (30% of the exam) - You’ll have to prove that you have to ability to recall specific information.
  • Application Questions (59% of the exam) - These questions test comprehension and applying knowledge to various situations.
  • Analysis Questions (11% of the exam) - Tests how well you analyze information to determine the best solutions.

The national portion has 100 questions covering seven topics:

Agency Relationships and Contracts (28 questions) Agency Relationships (6 questions) General Legal Principles, Theory and Concepts about Contracts (8 questions) Purchase Contracts between Seller and Buyer (7 questions) Service / Listing Buyer Contracts between Licensee and Seller or Buyer (7 questions) Finance (14 questions) Basic Concepts and Terminology (4 questions) Methods of Financing (3 questions) Financing Instruments (Mortgages, Trust Deeds, Promissory Notes) (2 questions) Government Oversight (4 questions) Real Property (14 questions) Methods of Legal Description of Land (1 question) Methods of Measurement (1 question) Property Valuation (3 questions) Methods of Valuation Performed by an Appraiser (3 questions) Conveyance of Real Property (6 questions) Real Estate Calculations (13 questions) Compensation, Commission, and Fees Valuation / Market Sales Price and Yields Net to Seller, Cost to Buyer (credits & debits) Tax and Other Prorations Points Loan-to-Value Ratios Measurement (e.g., square footage, acreage, volume) Property Management / Investment (e.g., rate of return) Real Property Ownership/Interest (13 questions) Rights of Ownership (1 question) Types of Ownership (estates in land) (2 questions) Leasehold Interest (1 question) Forms of Business Ownership (1 question) Private Restrictions on Real Property/Land Use and Matters Affecting Ownership (4 questions) Government Powers and Control of Land Use (4 questions) Lending Process (1 question) Marketing Regulations - purchase and rental (10 questions) Property Advertising Disclosures (3 questions) Licensee Advertising (3 questions) Fair Housing (4 questions) Property Management (8 questions) General Principles of Property Management Agreements Basic Provisions / Purpose / Elements of Property Management Agreements Types of Contracts Duties and Obligations of the Parties Market Analysis and Tenant Acquisition Accounts and Disbursement Property Maintenance and Improvements

There are also 52 state questions. These questions cover real estate license law and regulations specific to Georgia.

Taking the Georgia Real Estate Exam

We strongly encourage everyone to get their hands on the Sample National Real Estate Salesperson Examination that’s available on goAMP.com. At AceableAgent we also provide our students with exam guides and prep tests that can help them mentally prepare for the test.

The most important thing is to get to your exam location on time. Anyone who shows up 15 minutes after the scheduled test time will not be allowed to take the exam and will have to reschedule.

Also, don’t bring much with you on exam day. You won’t be allowed to bring anything into the test area. Even wallets and keys must be kept in a locker until the test is over.

Here’s what you can expect on exam day:

  • The first thing you’ll do is show your ID to the test administrator and then take a seat at a computer.
  • Enter your social security number and take a photo using the computer camera.
  • You’ll then be given the opportunity to take a practice test to get a feel for the system. It’s a good idea to take the practice test since it won’t count towards your exam time.
  • After the practice test, the real exam will begin. Questions will be presented one at a time. Click on the letter that corresponds with your answer or type the letter in the response box. Click the forward arrow to move on to the next question.
  • If you’re unsure about a question you can bookmark it and come back to it later. Clicking on the hand icon will bring you to bookmarked questions.
  • At any time you can click the back arrow to get to a previous question.

Once you’re done your score will be calculated. If you passed you’ll receive the Certification of Accuracy Statement. The certification is needed to apply for a real estate license. If you took a morning test and brought along the proper documents you may be able to get an active license that same day. If not, you can bring the unsigned Certification of Accuracy Statement and required documents back to the test center at a later date to receive your license.