How to Study for Your Real Estate Exam

If you’re looking for tips on how to study for your real estate exam, congratulations! That suggests that you are either finished with or are closing in on the completion of the real estate pre-license education requirements for your state — which can represent anywhere from 60 to 180 hours of coursework! So, yes, congratulations are definitely in order.

Considering the effort you have already made, you’ll want to finish strong, giving yourself the best chance possible to pass the state real estate exam. With that in mind, here are some helpful tips. 

The Best Test Preparation Is… More Tests

One sign of an effective real estate course is that it offers regular testing throughout the course. Not only does this provide the student with ongoing assessment feedback, but the frequent testing experience helps cement the learning in a way that merely reviewing the course material would not. 

This is one of the key takeaways from the studies on the subject of “test-enhanced learning” by psychologists at Washington University in St. Louis. 

“The act of taking a test, of retrieving information… that actually helps you learn it much better than if you simply re-read it again,” said psychologist Henry Roediger III, one of the leaders of the university study. 

Testing Is More Effective than Reviewing

When preparing for your real estate exam, to get the full benefit from test-enhanced learning, you’ll want to put less time into reviewing the completed course material than you do testing yourself on what you’ve learned. Seriously. Take as many practice quizzes and tests as you can get your hands on. 

Of course, if repeated testing shows your understanding of certain concepts is not what it should be, by all means, go back into the course and review the material about those specific topics. But beyond that, you’ll be better served by concentrating your time on taking practice tests. 

The Best Solution for Test Anxiety Is… More Tests

According to Roediger, another benefit to the test-enhanced learning approach is that 80% of students taught in this manner report less anxiety when taking high-stakes tests. Apparently, the repeated experience of taking low-stakes tests and quizzes acclimates students to the test-taking environment, lessening the anxiety they would otherwise feel. 

Finding Practice Tests for Your Real Estate Exam

For those wanting to incorporate test-enhanced learning into their preparation for their state real estate exam, the question quickly becomes, “Where do I find these practice tests?” 

That depends on where you are on your journey towards a career in real estate. 

If you are just starting out and have yet to select a state-approved real estate school to help you fulfill your education requirements, you should definitely make practice test opportunities a primary consideration when choosing an education provider. 

Some real estate schools have limited practice test resources, or they offer them to you at extra cost. Others, like Aceable, provide their students with free practice exams that can be retaken as often as desired. 

And, in addition to the practice tests that come to you as part of the basic course package, Aceable also offers their students the opportunity to bundle their pre-license course with the services of PrepAgent, the nation’s leading provider of real estate exam preparation. 

Aceable students who take advantage of this opportunity will get access to a variety of PrepAgent exam prep tools, including over 1,660 real estate practice test questions (beyond those found in the Aceable practice tests). 

PrepAgent as a Stand-Alone Service

If you didn’t choose Aceable as your pre-license real estate education provider, we forgive you. And because we still want you to pass your state’s real estate exam, we suggest you head over to PrepAgent now to take advantage of the many test-enhance learning tools they offer — along with their 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

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Updated 11/13/23

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