Do I Need a College Degree to Get a Georgia Real Estate License?

You don’t need a college degree for a Georgia real estate license, but you should count on education being a part of your success.
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Looking to get a real estate license in Georgia, but don’t have a college degree? That’s fine. To get into the business, you only need to be 18 years old and have a high school diploma.

But there are certain college credits that may satisfy some state education requirements. Even with those, you will probably still need other real estate education to assure your success in the field and keep your license active. Below, we look at which college courses might fill in for pre-licensing hours. We’ll also look at some other facts you should know about education and licensing in the Peach State.

Georgia Real Estate Pre-Licensing Education

Even though a college degree is not required to get a Georgia real estate license, you still must take a 75-hour pre-licensing course as part of the licensing process.

But, if you took some college classes, they could benefit you. Ten quarter hours or six semester hours of real estate courses from a U.S. or Canadian college may satisfy all or some of your pre-licensing education requirements.

If you took courses about real property, agency, or real contracts at a law school, those may count as well. A bachelor’s degree in real estate study also satisfies pre-licensing education requirements. You must submit all transcripts to the Georgia Real Estate Commission (GREC) for consideration and approval.

If you already took 75 hours of pre-licensing in another state, you probably don’t need to take the Georgia classes. Georgia has reciprocal, or mutual, agreements with all states except Florida. This allows you to go through the application process without taking an exam or classes. If you are from Florida, you must take the Georgia portion of the licensing exam, even if you have already completed education and the exam in your home state.

After You Get Your Georgia License

After you complete your education, you take the 152-question Georgia real estate licensing exam. You must pass with a score of 72% or better.

After you pass the licensing exam, the learning doesn’t stop there. Your experience will be the best teacher, but you must also take 25 hours of post-licensure continuing education in your first year. Those hours keep your license active. After that, you need 36 hours of continuing education every four years to keep an active license.

With continuing education, it’s a good idea to choose classes that cover situations you encounter in your daily work. This is beneficial for improving your practice and business overall.

If you work in more than one state, you must still take your continuing education classes in your home state. A lapse in your home state affects your ability to work in other states, even with reciprocity.

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