What is a Broker-in-Charge? (NC)

In North Carolina real estate, there are three tiers of brokers: provisional broker, broker, and broker-in-charge.

The top tier of brokers in North Carolina is the broker-in-charge, otherwise known as a BIC. As the name suggests, a broker-in-charge is the head broker at a real estate brokerage who is in charge of supervising provisional brokers (real estate brokers who are just starting out). They are also responsible for fulfilling other supervisory and administrative duties as prescribed by NCREC. 

In order to receive the broker-in-charge status on their license, a broker must meet the following requirements:

  • Hold an active broker's license (not provisional status)

  • Have two years of full-time brokerage experience or four years of part-time brokerage experience within the previous five years

  • Completed a 12-hour broker-in-charge course no earlier than one year prior or 120 days after their designation as BIC

In North Carolina, each real estate brokerage must have a designated broker-in-charge who has met all of these requirements. 

Finding a Sponsoring Broker-in-Charge

When you become a provisional broker in North Carolina, you must be sponsored by a broker-in-charge in order to hold an active license. Before you even finish your pre-licensing coursework, you should begin searching for a brokerage and broker-in-charge to work under so that you can jump in and begin working with clients as soon as possible. 

In order to find a broker-in-charge, look for networking events to attend, chat with any friends and family in the real estate industry, or directly reach out to brokerages online or in person. Remember that you will be searching for the best brokerage to work with, so make sure you are ready to ask questions about topics such as:

  • Fee and commission structure

  • Brokerage values and reputation

  • Opportunities for education and career growth

  • Perks and equipment provided

  • Requirements for Realtor association memberships

  • Sales success and growth

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