How to Prepare for the Colorado Real Estate Exam

How Is the Colorado Real Estate Exam Structured?

First things first, what does the exam look like? The broker exam (which is the test you take to get your introductory real estate license) is divided into two parts: the state section and the national section.

  • The state section is 74 questions and you must get 53 correct to pass. Applicants get 110 minutes to complete this section.

  • The national section is 80 questions and you must get 60 correct to pass. Applicants get 120 minutes to complete this section.

What’s on the National Portion of the Colorado Real Estate Exam?

Here’s what you’ll see tested on the national portion of the Colorado real estate exam:

  • Property ownership

  • Land-use controls and regulations

  • Valuation and market analysis

  • Financing

  • General principles of agency

  • Property disclosures

  • Contracts

  • Leasing and property management

  • Transfer of title

  • Practice of real estate (which includes fair housing, advertising rules, etc.)

  • Real estate math (LTV calcuations, equity, and discount points)

What’s on the State Portion of the Colorado Real Estate Exam?

Let’s take a look at some of the Colorado-specific topics you’ll see covered on the test:

  • Duties and powers of the Real Estate Commission

  • Licensing requirements

  • Requirements governing the activities of licensees 

  • Property management and the Landlord Tenant Act

  • Water rights 

  • Colorado taxes

  • The Colorado Fair Housing Act

  • The Foreclosure Act and foreclosure processes in CO

  • Colorado forms and contracts

  • Record-keeping and trust accounts

  • Closing and settlement

  • Brokerage relationships

Whew, what a list! There’s a lot to learn, but with the right study tools, this test is totally doable.

How to Study for the Colorado Real Estate Exam: Practice Tests

You had to take a lot of hours of pre-licensing education split across six courses, so you may be a little rusty about some of the topics you learned early on. That’s why practice tests are your friend. 

Taking practice tests is one of the best ways to get prepared for the exam. Depending on where you did your pre-licensing education, you may have access to practice tests from your provider. If not, you can purchase them online. 

Keep taking practice tests until you are regularly scoring 90% or higher. That’s a great indication that you’re ready for the real thing.

How to Study for the Colorado Real Estate Exam: Weak Spots

Another study strategy is to look back at where you struggled when you took your end-of-course exams in your pre-licensing course. What topics were you weakest on? What questions on the exams threw you?

That is a great way to focus your studying. Don’t waste time reviewing material you’ve mastered. Instead, spend your study hours on the material that challenges you. Yes, even if it’s the math. 

How to Register for the Colorado Real Estate Exam

Okay, you’ve studied until you can study no more, and now you’re ready to take that test. To schedule your exam, you can register on PSI’s website. The PSI Candidate Handbook has step-by-step instructions on how to complete the registration! You can also register by phone at (855) 744-0313. 

There is a $44.95 fee to take the exam the first time around. If you don’t pass the first time, you can retake the exam and the fee goes down to $42.50. You’ve got this friend! Go out and get that license!

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