How to Get Your Real Estate License in El Paso

Getting your real estate license in El Paso is easier than you might expect. You don’t need an expensive college degree, and it doesn’t take years of studying or training. In fact, you can become a licensed El Paso real estate agent in just a few months, for under $900.

So what, exactly, do you need to do to get your real estate license in El Paso? Here’s everything you need to know. 

How to Get a Real Estate License in El Paso

Real estate licenses are issued by the state, so the process of getting your license in El Paso is the same as getting your license in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, or any other city in Texas.  

Here’s a quick look at the steps you need to take to get your real estate license in El Paso:

  1. Confirm that you are eligible to get a real estate license in Texas. You need to be 18 or older, have working rights in the U.S., and be a person of integrity.   

  2. Pass a few real estate courses. Your real estate courses will teach you everything you need to know about the principles and practices of facilitating real estate transactions for buyers and sellers. 

  3. Apply with TREC online. The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) offers online license applications, so you can track your progress through the remaining steps until you get your real estate license.

  4. Get fingerprints and a background check to confirm that you are eligible to work with, and represent, buyers and sellers.

  5. Make an appointment to take your Texas real estate exam. 

  6. Ace the test (don’t worry if it takes more than one try; lots of successful agents took the test a few times).

  7. Pick a licensed El Paso broker to supervise your work as a sales agent. 

  8. Get your official license and get to work!

Where to Take Your Texas Real Estate Exam in El Paso

All Texas licensees take their real estate exams through an organization called Pearson VUE. Pearson VUE has one testing facility of its own in El Paso, located at 1155 Westmoreland Drive, Suite 135. 

But Pearson VUE also works with other organizations to offer additional testing locations. So in addition to the testing facility on Westmoreland Drive, exams are offered at four other locations in El Paso:

  1. Vista College: 5919 Brook Hollow Dr.

  2. Southwest University at El Paso, TX: 1414 Geronimo Dr.

  3. Computer Labs, Inc.: #3 Butterfield Trail Blvd. Suite 120

  4. Region 19 Education Service Center: 6611 Boeing Dr. 

If those locations aren’t convenient for you, don’t worry. Pearson VUE also has an online real estate exam option. For the online exam, you just need a reliable Internet connection and a webcam so the proctor can monitor you during the exam to make sure you’re not using study materials during the test. Oh, and make sure you have a quiet room where you won’t be disturbed during your exam!

Real Estate Fees in El Paso

There are a few fees associated with getting your Texas real estate license, including:

  • Application fee: $185 for new real estate salespeople

  • Fingerprint fee: $38.25

  • Exam fee: $43 (payable to Pearson VUE)

Is there a REALTORS Association in El Paso?

Absolutely! The Greater El Paso Association of REALTORS (GEPAR) is actually the biggest trade association in the entire El Paso area. GEPAR provides training, networking, and legislative advocacy for its members. All licensed real estate agents in El Paso are welcome to become members of the association by enrolling and paying dues. 

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