What Do I Do if I Fail the Licensing Exam 3 Times?

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Failing the licensing exam on your first try isn't the end of the world. You'll receive a scorecard with your numeric test score. You will also get information about the failed portion of the exam — national, state, or both. The good news is you only have to retake the portion you failed.

TREC rules say you must wait at least 24 hours to retake the exam. Which is good, because it gives you time to study the content areas where you missed multiple questions. When you feel ready, pick a date and pay the testing fee again.

If you fail a second time, the process is the same. Wait at least 24 hours, reschedule, and pay. However, the stakes are much higher now. You only get three shots in 12 months to pass the exam.

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What Happens if I Fail the Licensing Exam Three Times?

You can still become a Texas real estate agent after failing the exam three times. But you can't just reschedule a fourth try. Instead, the state requires you to take 30 hours of education for each failed portion. So, if you failed the national portion of the exam, you need to take 30 hours of classes. If you fail both, you need to do 60 additional hours.

Completing those extra hours of education will get you a certificate. Email that, along with a copy of your third failed score report, to TREC at education@trec.texas.gov.

Allow 5-7 business days for your documents to be verified. Then, you can pay the retesting fee and reschedule the exam.

5 Tips for Acing Your Texas Licensing Exam

Knowing you get multiple shots is reassuring. But you can avoid the hassle and save money by setting yourself up for success from the get-go. Here's how.

1. Develop Healthy Study Habits

Sporadic studying isn't going to cut it. Block time out of your day to regularly focus solely on your real estate education. Turn your phone off and leave it in another room to reduce distractions.

2. Review the Study Materials in New Ways

Switching up how you review things could help you memorize them more easily. For example, you could listen to audio lessons, reread the course material, or go through flashcards. Try all kinds of resources until you find the one that works best for you.

3. Take Practice Exams

Quizzing yourself with flashcards is great, but taking practice tests is even better. Try a free Texas real estate practice exam to start. Then, you can access thousands of national and state questions with PrepAgent.

You could simulate the testing environment at home: no distractions and no study materials. Pick your brain for the answers and grade yourself at the end. Timing yourself would also be a good idea. It teaches you how to manage the four hours you'll get on the big day more efficiently.

One more perk of practice tests? As you take them, you can track your progress and build confidence.

How Hard is the Texas Real Estate Exam?

The real estate exam is not an easy test, but with the right pre-license provider and exam prep, you can be well prepared.

4. Don't Rush Yourself

Only schedule your exam when you feel ready. There's no rush! You can do it for as long as your TREC application is valid. If you've failed before, you have 12 months to reschedule.

5. Give Your Body the Rest and Fuel It Needs

Get a good night's sleep the night before your exam. Then, on the big day, eat a wholesome meal loaded with brain foods like walnuts, avocado, peanut butter, berries, and leafy greens. Both rest and fuel can aid in memory retention and critical thinking.

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