How to Get Your Real Estate License in Texas

Getting Your Real Estate License

Whether you’re planning on making real estate the source of your livelihood or simply hoping to take on an extra hobby in your spare time, there are some steps you’ll have to take in order to get your real estate license in Texas. We’re here to walk you through it step by step so you know exactly what measures you need to take to get out there in the real estate world. Let’s get started.

1. Be at least 18 years old

This requirement is pretty straightforward. As long as you’ve been on this beautiful earth for at least 18 years you’re already one step closer to becoming a real estate agent.

2. Complete 180 hours of required education courses

We know this education requirement can seem a little daunting. But there are a variety of ways that you can take the real estate course to fit your lifestyle and needs. If you have a demanding schedule you may want to opt for a self-paced course like a mobile app course or career web school that allows you to take the course on your own time. You can also take courses through some colleges and post-secondary education establishments. If you’re looking for in-person instruction this will probably be the best option for you. Depending on your needs and schedule, you can choose the path you feel is best. When you’re going through real estate school, you’ll learn about a series of topics that will help you prepare for your licensing exam. Topics range from real estate principles, agency law, contracts, and finance. The cost of these courses can vary depending on which platform you decide to use (mobile app, online, classroom instruction, etc.). If needed, you can take out student loans to help fund your real estate education.

3. File for your application

After you’ve completed the required course hours, you’ll need to file an application for your Texas real estate license and pay a few fees. You can find printable versions of all of the required forms on the Texas Real Estate Commission (also called TREC) website or you can apply online. You’ll end up paying about $250 in fees that cover the general application, background checks, and paper processing costs.

4. Get fingerprinted

TREC uses a company called MorphoTrust for all fingerprint checks. You’ll have to make an appointment to go in and get your prints taken which will cost you an additional $37. Any subsequent background checks should be covered by your TREC application fees. Your real estate license won’t be issued until this step is complete, so be sure to get on it asap.

5. Schedule your license exam

Once you’ve submitted your application and have been fingerprinted, you should receive notification from TREC that it’s time for you to take your exam. The exam eligibility notification you receive will have details on who to contact and how to schedule your exam.

6. Take the exam

Before your exam, we recommend doing some pre-exam prep. Study your notes from the course and review any information you don't fully understand. You can also find some real estate exam prep materials online to help you prepare for the exam.

7. Obtain Sponsorship

Before you can start your real estate career you'll have to find a real estate broker who will sponsor you as a sales agent. This is the next step after passing your exam. Your sponsor should be a practicing broker with an active real estate license. You can request a sponsor through the TREC website or by mail by filling out a physical sponsorship form for an additional fee. Once an active real estate license is in the hands of your broker, you’re free to start practicing! Once all of these steps are completed, you’re an official real estate license holder. Trying to make the most out of your Texas real estate license? Check out some of our other posts for how to market yourself as a real estate agent and other helpful tips.

Krista Doyle

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