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Can You Answer These Pennsylvania Real State Exam Questions?

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Question 1:

A 10-foot river runs along the border of Royce's property. What rights govern his use of this water?

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What’s on the Pennsylvania Real Estate Salesperson Exam

The Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission works with PSI Services to administer the salesperson exam. It’s the final test before you get a Pennsylvania real estate license.

Pennsylvania Real Estate Exam Questions

The Pennsylvania real estate salesperson exam has 120 questions. There are 80 questions on the national portion and 40 questions on the state portion.

Exam Topics

There are 14 topics across both portions of the Pennsylvania real estate salesperson exam. Three of the topics are state-specific.

National Exam Topics

  • Contracts - 17% of the Questions
  • Practice of Real Estate - 13% of the Questions
  • General Principles of Agency - 13% of the Questions
  • Financing - 10% of the Questions
  • Real Estate Calculations - 10% of the Questions
  • Property Ownership - 8% of the Questions
  • Transfer of Title - 8% of the Questions
  • Valuation and Market Analysis - 7% of the Questions
  • Property Disclosures - 6% of the Questions
  • Land Use Controls and Regulations - 5% of the Questions
  • Leasing and Property Management - 3% of the Questions

Pennsylvania State-Specific Exam Topics

  • Regulation of Conduct of Licensees- 28 Questions
  • Licensure - 8 Questions
  • Real Estate Commission - 4 Questions

Question Format

The Pennsylvania real estate exam questions are multiple-choice with four answer options.

Test Timeframe

Test takers will be given 3 hours total to take the salesperson exam - 120 minutes for the national portion and 60 minutes for the state portion.

Passing Score

You must get 60 or more answers right on the national portion and 30 answers right on the state portion to pass the Pennsylvania real estate salesperson exam. You’ll see your score report on the screen as soon as you’re done with the exam. If you didn’t pass a portion of the exam you’ll receive a diagnostic report that breaks down where you did well and which topics had the most wrong answers so you’re better prepared when you retake the exam.

Getting the Results

The exam is pass/fail. You’ll know as soon as you complete the test if you passed, but you won’t know your exact score unless you don’t pass. In that case, you’ll get a rundown of which questions you missed so you can prepare with PA real estate practice exams for taking the exam a second time.

Start a Successful Career as a Pennsylvania Real Estate Agent

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