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To get a passing score on the California real estate license exam, you will need to understand a range of topics from contracts to property valuation. Let’s ace your licensing exam with this free California real estate practice test that will get you ready for the real thing.

Can You Answer These California Real State Exam Questions?

See how many answers you can get right in this sampling of California real estate exam questions.


Question 1:

The state fiscal year falls between the dates

PrepAgent course question with explanation of answer

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What to Expect on the California Real Estate Salesperson Exam

After scheduling an exam day at one of the five state exam centers it’s time to get serious about studying. The California real estate salesperson exam includes all the information you covered in the three 45-courses you took with Aceable. Plus, you can use the practice tests to do a trial run of the exam.

Exam Topics

The California real estate license exam covers a wide range of topics that each have a number of subtopics. Here’s a quick look at how the topics are covered on the exam:

  • Practice of Real Estate and Disclosures - 37-38 questions
  • Laws of Agency and Fiduciary Duty - 25-26 questions
  • Property Ownership and Land Use Controls and Regulations - 22-23 questions
  • Property Valuation and Financial Analysis - 21 questions
  • Contracts - 18 questions
  • Financing - 13-14 questions
  • Transfer of Property - 12 questions

Your test probably won’t include a question from every subtopic. Instead the exam “samples” or asks questions across the topics at random. Don’t worry, we cover all the topics in detail in the pre-licensing course.

Exam Questions

There are 150 questions on the exam. They’re all multiple choice with four answer options.

Test Time

You’ll have three hours to complete the salesperson exam.

Passing Score

You must get 70% or higher to pass. Since there are 150 questions on the exam that means you have to get 105 or more correct answers to pass the test.

Getting the Results

The exam is pass/fail. You’ll know as soon as you complete the test if you passed, but you won’t know your exact score unless you don’t pass. In that case, you’ll get a rundown of which questions you missed so you can prepare for taking the exam a second time.

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