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Can You Answer These Michigan Real State Exam Questions?

See how many answers you can get right in this sampling of Michigan real estate exam questions.


Question 1:

What is ownership in severalty?

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What’s on the Michigan Real Estate Salesperson Exam

After you take the required real estate courses, you have to pass the Michigan real estate salesperson exam to receive a license. The exam is administered by PSI Services. Read through PSI’s Candidate Handbook, then start studying with our Michigan real estate practice tests.

Michigan Real Estate Exam Questions

There are a total of 115 questions on the Michigan real estate licensing exam that are each worth one point. Thirty-five of the questions are state-specific.

Exam Topics

The Michigan real estate exam covers 16 topics in total. Five of the exam topics are state-specific.

  • Contracts - 17% of the Questions
  • General Principles of Agency - 13% of the Questions
  • Practice of Real Estate - 13% of the Questions
  • Financing - 10% of the Questions
  • Real Estate Calculations - 10% of the Questions
  • Property Ownership - 8% of the Questions
  • Transfer of Title - 8% of the Questions
  • Valuation and Market Analysis - 7% of the Questions
  • Property Disclosures - 6% of the Questions
  • Land Use Controls and Regulations - 5% of the Questions
  • Leasing and Property Management - 3% of the Questions

Michigan-Specific Exam Questions

  • Statutory Requirements Governing the Activities of Licenses - 10 Questions
  • Licensing Requirements - 5 Questions
  • Contractual Relationships - 5 Questions
  • Duties and Powers of the State Department and the State Board of Real Estate - 3 Questions
  • Additional State Topics - 12 questions

Question Format

The format of the Michigan real estate exam is multiple-choice. Each individual question has four possible answers.

Test Timeframe

You’ll be given 3 hours to take the salesperson exam.

Passing Score

You must answer at least 80 questions right to get a passing score of 70% or higher. You’ll get a score report as soon as you’re done with the exam. If you passed the report will just say PASS. If you didn’t pass, you’ll receive a score for each section of the exam. This will show you where you performed well and which concepts you may need to study more.

Exam Prep Done Right

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