How to Access Your AceableAgent Pre-License Bundle Features

When you signed up for a pre-license bundle with AceableAgent, you probably noticed that your purchase comes with lots of exciting features to help you learn and study. While these features and tools are tempting to try all at once, our learning experts have curated this guide for you on how to best utilize them. If you’re eager to dive in, but not sure where to start, we have you covered!prepagent and aceable bundle

What’s In My Pre-License Bundle?

AceableAgent offers three different pre-license bundles: The Basic, Deluxe, and Premium — each designed for unique learning styles. In order to offer you the highest quality learning experience possible, AceableAgent has partnered with the top pre-licensing exam provider in the nation, PrepAgent, for some of the features included in the Deluxe and Premium bundles. Let’s review each bundle, and what you can access from both your AceableAgent and PrepAgent accounts.

The Basic

What Is This Bundle?

The Basic is designed for the independent learner. It includes core features that you need to pass the exam and get your license, but not as many exam preparation tools or opportunities to interact with students and teachers.

How Do I Access It?

Everything in your bundle will be available directly from your AceableAgent account when you log in. 

What Features Does It Include?

  • All required course content

  • Lite study tools: 200+ practice questions, access to fun learning games through Quizlet, and math and vocabulary cheat sheets

  • Instructors available to answer questions via email

  • Mastery Tracking: a tool that highlights topics in the course you need more time with in order to prepare for the exam

Aceable account with resourcesWhen you log into your AceableAgent account, you’ll be able to access a number of resources, including practice tests and Quizlet.

The Deluxe

What Is This Bundle?

The Deluxe is truly suited to all learners. It includes all the same features that you get with The Basic, plus more robust test prep that you can consume in a number of ways. The variety you get from this bundle will really help you commit core concepts to memory, plus you can spend extra time using the learning method you most prefer. If you’re more visual, you’ll especially enjoy the exam prep videos this package includes. If you like listening to podcasts, you’ll love studying for the exam with separate audio lessons. If you’re an avid reader, the exam prep e-book in particular will scratch your itch.

How Do I Access It?

When it comes to accessing your Deluxe bundle, your pre-license course and lite study tools will be available from your AceableAgent account. Meanwhile, you’ll also be given access to PrepAgent through a separate login. In order to access that login, you’ll simply need to click on the link found in your PrepAgent account activation email that is sent shortly after purchase. (Search for “AceableAgent” in your inbox if you don’t see it.) You'll have access to all of your PrepAgent tools for up to 3 months from the time of activation. 

What Features Does My PrepAgent Account Include?

  • 75 fun exam prep videos, 70 supplemental audio lessons, plus digital flashcards to quiz yourself

  • An additional 1,800+ practice questions

  • 100-page exam prep e-book to ensure you feel confident for test day

How Should I Use It?

To get the best use out of your PrepAgent features, we recommend waiting to access this account until after you’ve completed your pre-licensing with Aceable and are ready to take your final course and pre-licensing exams. (Pro tip: Use Aceable’s “Mastery Tracking” feature to see what topics from the course you need the most help with to guide your study plan with PrepAgent.) That way you’ll have a chance to master the core material, and all the additional study and preparation will be fresh in your mind!

prepagent account log inWhen you log into your PrepAgent account, you’ll be able to take practice exams specific to a variety of topics, whether you want to spend more time on math, the state exam, or anything else. Plus, you can sign up for “Question of the Day” to get in automated practice daily.

bundle of rights video on the ace the exam package for aceableIf you purchased the “The Deluxe” package, your PrepAgent account will include 75 additional videos on numerous topics (like this one on the Bundle of Rights).

The Premium

What Is This Bundle?

The Premium bundle is designed for the social learner who wants something closer to the traditional classroom experience. If you love the convenience of online, but want to engage with others, this bundle was made for you. The Premium bundle includes all the same features as the Deluxe, plus additional opportunities to interact virtually with expert instructors as well as fellow students. 

What Does It Include?

The following features are exclusive to Premium and will be available from your PrepAgent account:

  • Ability to schedule a one-hour 1:1 tutoring session with an expert at your convenience (you pick the topics you want to cover)

  • Access to live webinars 5 days a week

  • Access to webinar archive to watch anytime

  • Live Q&A during our webinars. Ask all the questions you have and get them answered by real estate experts! Join the PrepAgent Facebook community here

How Should I Use It?

Just as we recommend with the Deluxe bundle, we recommend that students who purchase the Premium bundle wait until after they’ve completed the core pre-licensing work, but before they take the final exam, to log into their PrepAgent account. From there, it’s up to you whether you want to schedule a tutoring session first then jump into some of the test prep tools or vice versa.

tutoring credit on prepagentOnce you log into your PrepAgent account, you’ll see a tutoring credit available and the ability to schedule a session at your convenience.

facebook fridays with prepagentOn “Facebook Fridays,” students who have the Premium bundle can join along with other students to review questions posted on social media. 

So whether you’re an independent learner who wants to create your own study plan, you want more optionality in learning tools, or you want 1:1 personal guidance and dialogue with peers, there is something for everyone with AceableAgent’s pre-license bundles. Just follow the recommended guidance for accessing your account above, and you’ll be fully prepared come test day! 

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