Can I Get My Realtor License with AceableAgent?

Have you been thinking about getting your Realtor license? Smart move!

Real estate agents enjoy rewarding work, unlimited earning potential, and a level of control over their business processes. Getting your realtor license is the first step in building your successful real estate career.

Can I Get My Realtor License with AceableAgent?

Yes! Let’s talk about how you can get your Realtor license. And how AceableAgent can help.

Step 1: Complete Your Education

The first step in getting your Realtor license is to complete 180 hours of real estate courses. These courses will cover topics like:

  • Real estate agency law
  • Real estate finance
  • Contract law
  • Real estate principles
  • AceableAgent offers a complete bundle of the courses you will need to meet this education requirement.

Step 2: Apply for Your Inactive Real Estate Agent License

Once you receive a certificate of completion for your required hours of education, you can apply to the state for your inactive real estate agent license. The license you’re applying for is considered inactive because it can’t be active until you sign with a real estate broker.

This application for your inactive license includes an application form, an application and processing fee, and your permission for the state to run your background check. You will also make an appointment to be fingerprinted during this stage of the process.

As soon as the state approves your application, they will send you a notification of eligibility to take the real estate exam.

Step 3: Pass Your Real Estate Exam

With your eligibility notification in hand, you can focus on your real estate exam.

The exam isn’t easy. Only around 60% of test-takers pass the sales agent exam. But here’s the good news: over 95% of AceableAgent students pass that same exam!

AceableAgent offers unlimited exam prep, instructor support, and even free exam proctoring (the proctoring alone is a $90 value). So you have the resources you need to pass your exam and get your Realtor license. In fact, if you don’t pass your test, AceableAgent will give you your money back. That’s how confident AceableAgent is in their system.

Step 4: Find a Broker and Get Your Realtor License

Once you pass your real estate exam, the state will automatically issue your inactive real estate agent license. You can make this license active by finding a broker to sponsor you and filing the appropriate paperwork.

AceableAgent can even help with this step! The Broker Matching Program can help you find a reputable broker, not only to sponsor you, but also to provide additional training, help you start networking, and generally set you up for success.

But there’s one final detail you can’t ignore. At this point, you only have a real estate agent license. To claim that you have a Realtor license, you need to join the National Association of Realtors® (NAR).

Many people don’t realize that real estate agents cannot call themselves Realtors unless they are members of the NAR. It is a subtle, but crucial, distinction . Joining the NAR and becoming an official Realtor is the final step in claiming your Realtor license.

So even if you’re just starting to think about getting your Realtor license, you’re only four steps away from making it happen! And AceableAgent can help you every step of the way.

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