5 Easy Steps to Jump Starting Your Florida Real Estate Career

Are you ready to jump-start your Florida real estate career? Aceable Real Estate School was built by real-world real estate professionals who know what it takes to be successful in any real estate career path. And we’re passing that insider information on to you! 

Here are five easy ways to jump-start your Florida real estate career.

1. Give Yourself a Solid Foundation

Getting a valuable real estate education and choosing the right broker to supervise your work will set you up for success as a Florida real estate professional. 

Florida requires all agents to complete a 63-hour real estate course and pass a state exam. You need to choose a real estate school that will properly prepare you to pass your exam. Ideally, you also want your courses to be convenient, engaging, and quick! With Aceable Real Estate School, you can complete your Florida course online, pass your Florida real estate exam, and launch your new career in just a few short months

Then, you need to choose a Florida broker. The right brokerage will help you jump-start your Florida real estate career by offering ongoing training, administrative support, and targeted marketing. Take the time to interview multiple brokers to find the best fit for you.

2. Have a Plan

You’re not going to stumble into success in real estate. Becoming a successful agent requires planning. You need to figure out:

  • How you will brand yourself to make your business memorable.

  • Which marketing methods you will use to get new clients and promote your listings. 

  • How you will cover your business and living expenses while you get started.

  • How you will run your day-to-day business operations to best serve your clients.

All of this is covered in our free guide to your first two years in real estate. Simply follow the steps in our guide to map out your unique plan for success.

3. Practice Prospecting Every Day

Prospecting is the art of generating leads. This is how you’re going to find clients, earn referrals, and build your business. To jump-start your Florida real estate career, invest lots of time in prospecting for new leads. 

This can include:

  • Hosting free seminars for first-time buyers, sellers, and investors.

  • Sending mailers to people in cold climates to promote the Florida lifestyle (even if these leads don’t come to your local area, you can refer them out to agents in other areas for a referral fee).

  • Calling absentee owners to see what it would take for them to sell their Florida properties.

  • Contacting corporate relocation departments for local employers to represent their employees in real estate transactions.

  • Leaving door hangers or drop by gifts for your geo farm.

Buyers and sellers are out there. You just have to find them!

4. Build Your Online Presence

Millennials have been flocking to Florida for the last few years. And soon, you might be working with Gen Z clients as well. This demographic expects you to be available online. In fact, they see a strong online presence as a sign of credibility. So you need to be visible online. 

If you’re thinking oh, my brokerage has a great online presence, so I don’t need to do anything myself online, think again. It’s great that your brokerage is online. But how many agents are associated with your brokerage? And how many of the general brokerage leads will be assigned to you? And what if you change brokers or decide to start your own brokerage?

Establishing an online presence with your personal brand allows today's buyers and sellers to find you online (not just your brokerage). With a strong website, you gain instant credibility, even if you’re a new agent. And through consistent social media posting, you can gain followers, establish yourself as the local real estate authority, and earn business.   

5. Follow Through

With your plan in place, you just need to execute. This is where many new agents struggle because they get frustrated when their plan doesn’t produce immediate results. 

Following through means sticking to your plan and giving it time to work. It may take several weeks or even a couple of months of faithful prospecting and online marketing before you get your first deal. And that’s ok! The first few sales are the most difficult, but when you continue to work your plan, your business will increase over time. And before you know it, you’ll be earning referrals and repeat business. 

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