Best Real Estate Schools in Dallas

Are you searching for the best real estate school Dallas has to offer? We break down 3 of your best options to complete your courses, pass your TREC exam, and get your Dallas real estate license today!

Looking to get a Dallas real estate license? You certainly have options!

There are several Dallas area real estate schools available to help you complete your required courses, pass your Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) exam, and get your real estate license.

But you need to choose your real estate school carefully. Who offers the best course experience? Who can give you the best value for your money? Who can give you the best chance of passing your TREC exam?

We’ve done the research for you, and we’ve come up with the 3 best real estate schools in Dallas.

Real Estate School Dallas Tx Criteria

We ranked the Dallas area real estate schools based on:

TREC exam pass rates: The most important criterion is students’ ability to pass the difficult TREC exam. Passing the exam is a requirement for getting your Dallas real estate license, so if your schooling doesn’t prepare you for the exam, it’s a total waste. On average, only 63% of test-takers pass the exam. But, as you’ll soon see, some real estate schools’ students perform much better than others.

Quality of the Curriculum: The more interested you are in your real estate courses, the more you’ll learn. And the more you’ll enjoy it! Quality curriculum, paired with quality presentation, is critical to helping you make sense of the information and build the foundation of knowledge you’ll need in taking real estate courses Dallas has to offer.

Pricing: We understand that pricing isn’t everything. But it still matters and shouldn’t be ignored. You’re making an investment in your education and future career, so you naturally want to make sure you’re getting the best possible value for your investment.

Reputation: Lastly, we’ll consider each school’s reputation in the real estate industry as a whole and in the local Dallas market.

Here’s our list of the best real estate schools in Dallas:

1. AceableAgent

We are proud to hold the number one spot as we are dedicated to helping you ace your Texas state exam and offer some of the best real estate classes Dallas has to offer! And it’s not just because we’re so excited about our innovative courses helping Dallas students launch their new careers. It’s because we’re objectively the best real estate school in Dallas based on the criteria outlined above.

Our platform and curriculum were crafted by seasoned real estate professionals and Harvard-educated instructional designers to give our students the best possible experience.

We are built on cutting-edge tech and modern methods of educational instruction. We’ve earned our reputation as the premier real estate school for the modern age.

Let us show you how our modern methods benefit our students:

Real Estate School Dallas Tx

AceableAgent offers more innovative and engaging coursework than any other Dallas area real estate school.

Our courses were designed to be used, not just on your computer, but on your phone and tablet! In fact, we’re the only mobile-first course certified by TREC. Your real estate courses go with you wherever your day-to-day life takes you. Whether you’re taking the kids to the park, enjoying lunch at a cafe, or even traveling, you can easily access your courses from any of your devices.

In addition to the mobile-first courses, we also offer groundbreaking workshops on subjects like contracts and real estate math. If you want hands-on practice running real estate calculations and drafting real estate contracts (just like you’ll do as a licensed agent.), these workshops are for you.

Some students are a little nervous about courses being 100% online. What happens if you have a question about the material? We’re here for you! Our team of real estate experts is available to answer your questions 7 days/week. And on the off-chance that you run into a technical problem, our tech support is available via phone, email, chat, and even social media.

And by the way, our pre-license courses all come complete with exam prep to give you everything you need to pass the TREC. Our packages even include exam proctoring (to save you about $90!).

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out these glowing student reviews:

All this, and we still haven’t gotten to the best part…

Real Estate School Dallas Pricing

You can get started with AceableAgent'sreal estate courses in Dallas for just $497 (regularly priced at $677).

This package includes your pre-license course bundle, unlimited exam prep, instructor support from real estate experts, and free exam proctoring.

Best Real estate school in Dallas:

  • Student Engagement: Engaging coursework designed to work with your phone, tablet, or computer. AceableAgent allows you to learn on your own schedule and enjoy your education experience with ease.
  • Exam prep: Proctoring is included at no additional charge as well as in course exam prep, and outside online practice test available to help you prepare for your Texas state licensing exam.
  • Exceeding Expectations: high value for your investment and engaging course content to make sure you understand all you need to know to be a real
  • estate
  • Modern Take: Top-notch real estate experts and customer service reps who are there when you need to help you with any course inquirie
  • s or questions.

AceableAgent Improvement:

  • Continuing education: We are working to expand our current selection of CE courses, but it naturally takes time to develop quality courses that can support your career to get your Dallas real estate license and maintain your certification to practice real estate.

TREC Exam Pass Rate for Aceable Real Estate Students:

Remember how only 62% of test-takers pass the TREC exam? Well, 77% (5,074 out of 6,536 students) of AceableAgent students pass! There’s just no substitute for results like that! See TREC Provider Exam Pass Rates.

Let’s see how the other Dallas area real estate schools compare.

2. Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express is a reputable online real estate school Dallas has to offer. Their parent company, McKissock Learning, offers licensing courses in everything from appraisal to home inspection to finance.

Real Estate Express offers a full menu of courses for real estate licensing and continuing education at an affordable price.

Real Estate Courses Dallas

Real Estate Express is known for its clear and concise course materials. The information is presented in well-organized outlines to help students form a clear picture of the complex relationships between various real estate topics.

Sadly, the course material doesn’t seem to adequately cover all the topics on the real estate exam, according to reviews by current and former students. Well-organized information is great, but it also needs to be complete.

And what about accessing your course materials from your phone or tablet? It’s technically possible, but the courses weren’t designed to be viewed on dev<ices, so Real Estate Express specifically recommends using your computer for “a better course experience”.

Dallas Real Estate Course Pricing

Real Estate Express often offers promo codes to provide discounts on their courses. There’s just no telling when these discounts will be available.

Ignoring the discounts, prices start as low as $484 for the ‘Get Started’ Package. But this package does not include any exam prep. The least expensive package with exam prep is the ‘Exam Advantage Package’, currently at $519.

This is still a perfectly reasonable price for your real estate licensing courses with exam prep. Just keep in mind that the exam proctoring is not included with Real Estate Express as it is with AceableAgent. You’ll typically have to pay around $90 for proctoring in the Dallas area.

Real Estate Express’ Biggest Benefits:

  • Course Materials: Clear and concise course materials are offered for understanding all you need to know to be in real estate.
  • Affordability: Real Estate Express courses are affordable for an online provider.

Areas Where Real Estate Express Can Improve:

  • Modernizing the coursework: They’re missing the opportunity to provide a complete learning experience via mobile devices. Their course work is a bit outdated which explains their affordability.
  • Exam prep: Real Estate Express should include an exam prep in every package. If you can’t pass the exam, what is the point of taking these real estate license courses?

TREC Exam Pass Rate for Real Estate Express’ Students:

The TREC exam pass rate for Real Estate Express’ students is currently at 60% (1,101 out of 1,813 students) - above average, but with plenty of room for improvement. See TREC Provider Exam Pass Rates.

3. Champions School of Real Estate

Established in 1983, Champions School of Real Estate is the longest-standing entry on our list of Dallas real estate schools.

Champions are known for their on-campus courses. They have exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful instructors who enjoy providing in-person education.

This history of high-quality instructors, coupled with on-campus classes in the Dallas area, has earned Champions a spot on our list of the best Dallas real estate schools.

Champions Dallas Real Estate Courses

As we mentioned, the instructors consistently do a great job of presenting the course material in the on-campus classes. The Dallas campus is located in nearby Plano, and they offer evening and weekend courses for anyone who has a day job to work around. So if you learn best from in-person instruction, Champions may be a good fit for you.

Of course, many of today’s real estate students need the flexibility of online education. So we have to also consider Champions’ online courses.

Unfortunately, Champions’ online courses don’t provide the same quality learning experience as the campus courses. The online courses are simply PDF textbooks and online quizzes. That’s it.

Champions has focused so much on their on-campus courses that their technology is completely outdated.

To see for yourself, just take a look at Champions’ website. Even the process of signing up for courses is cumbersome. This may not be a big deal if you’re considering the on-campus classes. But you can’t expect a quality online education from a company that can’t provide a seamless online checkout.

Champions Pricing

You’re naturally going to have to pay more for on-campus courses than for the online real estate schools like AceableAgent and Real Estate Express. On-campus programs have to charge enough to pay rent and utilities. Plus in-person instruction is less efficient for the instructors, so it costs the students more money. That’s all to be expected.

The current starting price for on-campus courses at the Dallas Campus is $980. This includes 180 course-hours of education plus exam prep.

The strange thing is that there’s no discount for online courses. PDFs and quizzes still cost $980.

Champions’ Biggest Benefits:

  • In-class option: On-campus options are great for those who learn better in-person. They offer varieties of learning methods for you to obtain your Dallas real estate license.
  • Course Instructors: Exceptional course instructors and responsive staff on-site whenever you need help or have the need to ask a question in person.

How can Champions Improve?

  • Modernization: The technology is outdated and has a traditional way of teaching you.
  • Affordability: The courses are expensive, and this can pose a financial problem when taking courses to start or change your career.
  • Course Material: The online courses can’t compare to other Dallas real estate schools and certainly aren’t worth the price.

TREC Exam Pass Rate for Champions’ Students:

The TREC exam pass rate for Champions’ students is 61% (12,631 out of 20,498) pass their state exam. This is really low considering the high price and the fact that test prep is included. See TREC Provider Exam Pass Rates.

Real Estate Classes Dallas

In the end, you want to choose the Dallas real estate school that offers the best possible results. You’re investing your time and money in your real estate education so you can pass your real estate exam, get your real estate license, and launch a successful career.

If you want to get the best possible results while enjoying an interesting curriculum at a reasonable price, you need Aceable Real Estate School!

TREC state exam pass rate data as of June 2021.