State-by-State Real Estate Exam Pass Rate

Sign up for a real estate course that’s going to provide the end results you want - a license! All AceableAgent pre-license courses are state-approved and designed by real estate experts that know what it’s like to take and pass a real estate exam.

You have to take a real estate course to meet education requirements for a license, but will it help you pass the licensing exam? At the end of the day it doesn’t matter if you completed a course if you can’t pass the exam to get a real estate license.

That’s why it’s important to know an education provider’s exam pass rate. The exam pass rate is a measure of how many students are able to successfully pass their state real estate exam.

We’re proud to say AceableAgent has one of the best exam pass rates in the country. Our student surveys and state data show that AceableAgent courses can increase the chance that you’ll pass your real estate exam.

AceableAgent Overall National Pass Rate is 91%

Aceable's national self reported pass rate is 91%

Below is a more detailed rundown of the data with state-by-state real estate exam pass rates. See how the AceableAgent real estate exam pass rate compares to the average in your state. *AceableAgent exam pass rate data is provided through student surveys.

Florida Real Estate Exam Pass Rate

Florida is a real estate market that’s active year-round. Beyond the traditional salesperson and leasing careers, agents in Florida can make a lucrative living managing vacation rentals and helping investors find their next property.

Aceable's florida exam pass rate is 95%
Average Florida real estate exam pass rate

But how likely are you to get a real estate license if you take the exam? AceableAgent's real estate salesperson exam pass rate in Florida is 95%. That’s well over the state average exam pass rate which sits at just 55%.

Georgia Real Estate Exam Pass Rate

Georgia has experienced some of the most significant growth in the country over the last few decades. With all the development has come the need for real estate professionals that can help sell and lease every type of property imaginable.

Aceable's georgia exam pass rate is 83%

AceableAgent’s real estate exam pass rate in Georgia is an impressive 83%. As we gather more data and have more students take the exam we anticipate the pass rate to keep trending upward.

Michigan Real Estate Exam Pass Rate

Michigan isn’t always the first state that comes to mind when real estate is brought up, but it has a lot to offer salespeople. For instance, Michigan salespeople enjoy a median annual income that’s more than $6,000 over the national average for agents. The top earners in the state make over six figures a year.

Aceable's michigan real estate pass rate is 80%

AceableAgent’s real estate salesperson exam pass rate in Michigan is 80%.

New York Real Estate Exam Pass Rate

Thanks to the Big Apple and a few other major metros, New York is one of the most lucrative places to be a real estate agent. It’s also one of the few states where apartment leasing is a common and well-paying occupation for someone with a real estate license.

Aceable's New York pass rate is 94%

AceableAgent’s real estate exam pass rate in New York is 93%

Texas Real Estate Exam Pass Rate

Texas is one of the most active states for real estate agents. But how often do applicants pass the state real estate exam? The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) closely monitors overall pass rate and the pass rate for each approved education provider so we know for sure AceableAgent, Provider #701048, has one of the best exam pass rates in the Lone Star State.



AceableAgent’s real estate salesperson exam pass rate in Texas is 69% (6,216 passed / 9,043 taken as of 5 31/24). It’s significantly higher than the average salesperson exam pass rate that's currently 57% (21,654 passed / 37,859 taken as of 5/31/2024). See TREC's website for TREC Provider Exam Pass Rates.

Don’t See Your State?

We’ll be adding more states as we gather and process data. If you’re a current or past AceableAgent student ask us how your pass results can help with the process!

Ace or Don’t Pay Guarantee

We’re 100% sure you’ll pass the real estate exam or we’ll give you the course for free!

Our online real estate license course is so effective that we guarantee if you don’t pass the licensing exam after three attempts, we will refund your money. Additional terms and conditions do apply. State laws and regulations may prohibit some students from qualifying. Review our refund policy to learn more.

*Guarantee not applicable in Florida due to state law.

When is a Real Estate Exam Taken?

By the time you can take the licensing exam you’re well into the process of becoming a real estate salesperson. The general process goes something like this:

  • Take the required real estate courses.
  • Complete the fingerprint background requirements.
  • Submit an application to take the exam.
  • Receive approval to schedule an exam time with the test administrator.
  • Take and pass the exam.
  • Choose a real estate brokerage.
  • Receive your active real estate license.

Just how long it takes you to go from signing up for a real estate course to sitting for the exam is different for everyone. When you sign up for an online real estate course like the programs offered by AceableAgent, you can go at your own pace.

If you’re the type that likes to take your time digesting the information you might go at a slightly slower pace. If you’re highly motivated to start your new real estate career you may spend more time each day to complete the course sooner. And if you’re working while taking the course you can complete portions of it whenever you have free time.

State Exams vs National Exams Explained

Which state has the hardest real estate exam is debatable, but most of them have a similar structure. They are almost always multiple-choice tests with a state portion and a national portion.

Many people are surprised to find that the real estate exam is broken out into essentially two tests, but the structure makes sense given that there are nationwide and local state laws that have to be followed.

Real Estate Exam State Portion

The state portion is specific to where you are getting licensed. The focus will be on:

  • Local real estate laws and regulations
  • Disclosure requirements
  • Licensing requirements
  • Definitions as per state law
  • State governing bodies
  • Agency relationships
  • State fair housing laws
  • State closing process

Real Estate Exam National Portion

Real estate is local, but there are a number of national regulations that affect the industry across the country. There are also a number of common real estate practices that are used from state to state. Topics covered on the national portion of a real estate exam often include:

  • Contracts
  • Financing
  • General principles of agency
  • Land use controls and regulations
  • Leasing and property management
  • Practice of real estate
  • Property disclosures
  • Property ownership
  • Real estate calculations
  • Transfer of title
  • Valuation and market analysis

What to Know About Proctoring and Testing Centers

Some states, like California, have their own dedicated testing centers, but that practice is changing. Today many states don’t administer real estate licensing exams on their own. What usually happens is a third-party company is hired to oversee the process from scheduling to score reporting. It’s a process known as proctoring.

Third-party test administrators are in charge of:

  • Helping create a computer-based test
  • Securing testing centers
  • Providing test-taking equipment
  • Administering and overseeing the exams
  • Immediately scoring tests
  • Providing a pass/fail report

Two of the largest third-party test administrators are PSI Exams and Pearson VUE.

There will be multiple testing centers across the state. Typically, you have to select a specific testing center when scheduling your test. Rarely, the state will assign the location (usually the closest location to your address) or give you the option to let the state assign a location to speed up the scheduling process.

How to Pass a Real Estate Exam in 5 Steps

Step 1. Use a Course Provider With Good Pass Rates

Increase your odds of passing by choosing a real estate course that’s going to properly prepare you for the exam with adequate, up-to-date information that’s taught in an engaging way. What you learn in the course should include all the material that’s on the exam.

Step 2. Pay Close Attention During the Courses

Students that are focused and giving the course their full attention are going to retain more information. So save yourself some study time by soaking it in during the course.

Step 3. Read Through the Test Administrator’s Exam Guide

Test administrators like Pearson VUE create state-specific exam guides with detailed breakdowns of what’s required to take a state real estate exam, what to bring on test day, how the test will be administered and more. There’s also a section on exam topics with example questions.

Step 4. Take Practice Tests

Practice makes perfect! There are a lot of different study methods, but for the majority of students, practice tests are the most effective way to prep. They help you practice recalling information, can reveal what you need to study and give you an idea of what to expect from a test-taking perspective when you sit down for the real exam.

And at AceableAgent practice tests are included with your course so there’s no need to buy additional exam prep materials!

Step 5. Get Mentally Prepared for Test Day

What you do in the hours before the exam makes a real difference. It all starts by getting a good night’s sleep. Getting a solid eight hours of sleep will ensure you’re mentally sharp and not distracted by exhaustion.

It’s also important to give yourself ample time to get to the testing center and get settled. Feeling rushed will increase your stress levels, and amping up your anxiety level before a test is never good. Getting there early will give you a chance to take a breather before hours of test-taking.

Keep Up the Test Prep

  • Get more tips and state-specific advice on how to pass a real estate exam on the AceableAgent Real Estate Blog.
  • You can also explore your state’s Real Estate Career Center for details on getting a license, including what’s on the state real estate exam.
  • And of course, our knowledgeable instructors are just a call away if you need more information on the requirements for taking the exam.

AceableAgent is here for you every step of the way!