What is on the Washington Broker Exam?

The required real estate courses are designed to help you learn what it’s like to work as a broker in Washington and prepare you for the licensing exam. Passing the exam is a must no matter how well you do on the courses.

Before you schedule the exam, you’ll want to read through the 24-page Candidate Handbook. Below is a quick overview of what’s on the Washington real estate exam and what you can expect on test day.

Washington Broker Exam: The Basics

The Washington broker exam is a computer-based test given at one of 12 locations throughout the state. Here are a few other details that are good to know before taking the exam:

  • Type of test: Multiple choice, four options each question
  • Number of questions: 130
  • Time allotted for the test: 3 hours 30 minutes (2.5 hours national portion only/1.5 hours state portion only)
  • Passing score: scaled score of 70 or higher
  • Acceptable ID: 2 current forms of I.D. with your name and signature, at least one must have a photograph

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Broker Exam Content

The Washington broker exam is actually two tests in one. There are 100 questions for the national portion and 30 questions for the state portion. But the odd thing is the test isn’t broken up into two sections. All the questions are mixed together.

The national portion covers seven topics:

Agency Relationships and Contracts (28 questions)

  • Agency Relationships (6 questions)
  • General Legal Principles, Theory and Concepts about Contracts (8 questions)
  • Purchase Contracts between Seller and Buyer (7 questions)
  • Service / Listing Buyer Contracts between Licensee and Seller or Buyer (7 questions)

Finance (14 questions)

  • Basic Concepts and Terminology (4 questions)
  • Methods of Financing (3 questions)
  • Financing Instruments (Mortgages, Trust Deeds, Promissory Notes) (2 questions)
  • Government Oversight (4 questions)

Real Property (14 questions)

  • Methods of Legal Description of Land (1 question)
  • Methods of Measurement (1 question)
  • Property Valuation (3 questions)
  • Methods of Valuation Performed by an Appraiser (3 questions)
  • Conveyance of Real Property (6 questions)

Real Estate Calculations (13 questions)

  • Compensation, Commission, and Fees
  • Valuation / Market Sales Price and Yields
  • Net to Seller, Cost to Buyer (credits & debits)
  • Tax and Other Prorations
  • Points
  • Loan-to-Value Ratios
  • Measurement (e.g., square footage, acreage, volume)

Property Management / Investment (e.g., rate of return)

  • Real Property Ownership/Interest (13 questions)
  • Rights of Ownership (1 question)
  • Types of Ownership (estates in land) (2 questions)
  • Leasehold Interest (1 question)
  • Forms of Business Ownership (1 question)
  • Private Restrictions on Real Property/Land Use and Matters Affecting Ownership (4 questions)
  • Government Powers and Control of Land Use (4 questions)
  • Lending Process (1 question)

Marketing Regulations - purchase and rental (10 questions)

  • Property Advertising Disclosures (3 questions)
  • Licensee Advertising (3 questions)
  • Fair Housing (4 questions)

Property Management (8 questions)

  • General Principles of Property Management Agreements
  • Basic Provisions / Purpose / Elements of Property Management Agreements
  • Types of Contracts
  • Duties and Obligations of the Parties
  • Market Analysis and Tenant Acquisition
  • Accounts and Disbursement
  • Property Maintenance and Improvements

There’s less variation to the state questions. These questions are all about Washington real estate license law:

  • General Rules (4-5 questions)
  • Licensing Requirements (8 questions)
  • Washington Statutes and Rules Governing the Activities of Licensees (13 questions)
  • Real Estate Managing Brokerage Relationships (4-5)
  • Closing and Settlement (0-1 question)

Taking the Broker Exam

The first thing you’ll do once you sit down at the computer is the optional practice test. We highly recommend you take the practice test to get a feel for the system before the timer starts.

The computerized test displays one question at a time during the exam. Each question will have four options (A, B, C, and D). You can either click on the letter to select it or type the letter into the response box. Once you’re done, click the forward arrow to answer the next question. To go back to a previous question click the backward arrow.

There are two unique features to the Washington broker exam:

Bookmarking Questions - Not sure about a question? You can bookmark it! In the bottom right-hand corner there’s an empty box. Click on the box and it will bookmark the question for review. The double arrows (>>) will fast-track you through the test to bookmarked questions.

Checking the Time - In the bottom right-hand corner you’ll also see a test timer that can be turned on or off to see how much time you have remaining. Be careful to keep an eye on the time because the test will automatically end when you hit three and a half hours.

Once you’re done with the exam you’ll receive your score. The test proctor will be able to generate a score report, which tells you if you passed. If you pass the exam your results will be valid for a year. The passing score report will also include an application for getting a Washington broker license. If you don’t apply for a broker license in that time period you’ll have to start all over and take the exam again.

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