What Courses Are Required for a Washington Real Estate License?

You may not need a college degree to get a real estate license in Washington, but you will have to take the required education courses. Which courses you have to take depends on what type of license you’re trying to get and if you’re renewing it.

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What Are the Real Estate Broker Courses in Washington?

Unless you already have a real estate license in another state, you’ll have to take two required real estate courses for a Washington broker license. Those two courses are:

Washington Real Estate Fundamentals (60 course hours)

As the name suggests, this course teaches you the essential basics of working in real estate (i.e. laws, regulations, and financial matters). Topics include:

  • Real estate as a career
  • Real property ownership, rights, interests, and land use controls
  • Contract law
  • Agency law and brokerage relationships
  • Listing agreements and procedures
  • The selling process
  • Real estate valuation
  • Real estate finance
  • Escrow and settlement process
  • Leasing, property management, and the residential landlord tenant act
  • Real estate license law
  • Fair housing issues and consumer protection

Washington Real Estate Practices (30 course hours)

This course delves into the skills that are needed to have a successful real estate career in Washington. Topics include:

  • Business skills and procedures
  • Agency relationship
  • Listing property
  • Evaluating and pricing property
  • Marketing property
  • Negotiation and sales techniques
  • Purchase and sale agreements with earnest money provisions
  • Residential financing and the closing process
  • Real estate math

Both courses must be administered by an approved school. There are three types of schools that have been approved by the Washington State Department of Licensing:

  • Proprietary Schools - These are education providers like AceableAgent that are approved to administer internet-based instruction. It’s an easy, affordable way to complete the 90 hours of coursework and continuing education.

  • National Schools - There are a select number of providers that have locations around the U.S. where approved courses can be taken for credit. It’s an option if you aren’t in Washington and want to take in-person classes.

  • State-Funded Institutions of Higher Learning - If you’re already enrolled in one of the three approved community colleges or the University of Washington you can take the required courses next semester.

How much does it cost to get your Washington real estate license?

Here’s a quick rundown of all the essential fees and what it costs to get a Washington real estate license.

Managing Broker Courses

If you want to step up to a managing broker license that will require a little extra education. There are three required 30-hour courses that must be completed before you can take the managing broker exam:

  • Real Estate Brokerage Management
  • Business Management
  • Advanced Real Estate Law

Here again, all the courses must be administered by an approved education provider.

Continuing Education

Your Washington real estate license is good for two years. After that, you have to renew your license to keep it active. Renewal involves yet more education that varies based on whether it’s you’re first time renewing and the type of license you have.

Real Estate Brokers (first renewal):

  • Advanced Practices Course (30 hours)
  • Real Estate Law Course (30 hours)
  • 3-hour Core Course
  • 27+ hours additional approved continuing education courses

Real Estate Brokers (subsequent renewals):

  • 3-hour Core Course
  • 27+ hours additional approved continuing education courses

Managing Brokers (all renewals):

  • 3-hour Core Course
  • 27+ hours additional approved continuing education courses

Make sure you get your continuing education done in time. If your license goes inactive you may have to take the originally required courses all over again.

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