How Much Do Realtors Make in Texas?

A career in real estate can be quite lucrative. According to Indeed, real estate salaries in Texas can be as high as $100,000.
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Thinking about getting a Texas real estate license? Not only is it a rewarding and self-determining career path, but it can also be quite lucrative - especially if you’re working full-time.

How much do Realtors make in Texas?

The National Association of REALTORs found the median gross income of Realtors was $43,330 in 2020. Meanwhile, according to Indeed, a median real estate salary in Texas falls around $93,000 per year and can go as high as over $100k.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

The numbers, as you can see, are a bit all over the place. That’s because many factors go into the actual amount a Realtor brings home at the end of the day. Because this job is very much a commission-based job, the final take-home amount is often a result of experience, effort, hours, deals closed, commission fees to the brokerage, and commission split with the sponsoring broker.

How do commission splits work for a Realtor?

Most Realtors work for brokerages. Brokerages provide a whole slew of benefits for the Realtor, including marketing, legal protection, and name and brand recognition. In return for these services, the brokerages expect to receive a large portion of the commission.

Typically, Realtors new to the field will receive a lower commission split (for example, a first-year agent often receives about 50 percent of the commission paid to the broker). Realtors may also have to split the commission with the buyer’s real estate agent.

Most Realtors are paid through a listing agreement, which is signed by the seller and the listing agent. The listing broker then shares part of that commission with the brokerage that represents the buyer.

The average Realtor sells about 5-6 homes a year, so if you want to be above average, you could double that number. The old saying is the top 20 percent of Realtors do 80 percent of the business. Successful Realtors can sell upwards of 50 homes a year. Depending on your share of the commission and the price of your homes, that’s a lot to look forward to!

If you don’t pursue real estate for a full-time job, it’s also a great part-time option, especially if you need to balance your soccer practice carpool obligations with your career aspirations. Being a Realtor is a flexible career, and allows you to make your own hours. If you’re satisfied with a lower number of sales, it can also be a smaller time commitment.

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