5 Study Tips to Help You Ace Your Georgia Salesperson Exam

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Studying for your Georgia real estate license? Worried about the exam? You’ve got this! Here are some killer study tips to help you destroy any real estate exam in your path.

#1: Know What’s on the Test

Before you can even go into study mode, you’ve got to know what’s on that test

Georgia Salesperson Licensing Exam Basics

The Georgia salesperson licensing exam is 152 multiple-choice questions, and you get four hours to complete it. 

It’s broken up into a state and a national portion. The national portion is 100 questions, and the state portion is 52 questions. 

National Exam Topics

Here’s the topic breakdown for the national portion of the exam:

  • Agency relationships and contracts (28 questions)

  • Real property owners and interest (13 questions)

  • Finance (14 questions)

  • Real property (14 questions) 

  • Marketing regulations (purchase and rental) (10 questions)

  • Property management (8 questions)

  • Real estate calculations (aka, math) (13 questions)

#2: Talk to Someone Who Recently Took the Test

Got a pal in the biz? They’re your best resource for what to expect on the big day. Take a friend with a newly-minted Georgia salesperson license out for coffee and ask them all the questions keeping you up at night.

While they aren’t allowed to tell you exactly what’s on the test (that would be cheating!), they can point you in the right direction with your studying, tell you what to bring (and what to leave at home), and give you a sense of what they did to prepare.

Best of all, they can give you a little cheerleading and encouragement. Hey, if they can do it, so can you!

#3: Practice, Practice, Practice (and Practice Some More)

Practice makes perfect. It’s a cliché, sure, but it’s a cliché for a reason. The more practice tests you can take, the better your chances of acing your exam. 

Don’t just take my word for it: a 2013 study found that practice testing is one of the most powerful ways to improve learning and test outcomes.

Why Practice Tests Work

A practice test will tell you exactly where you’re doing great and where you’re still struggling.  

Practice tests also help your brain get ready for the testing environment. By answering questions in the same format as the real test, you’re forming a kind of “muscle memory” in your brain for the big day. 

Where to Find Good Practice Tests

It’s important to take practice tests that mimic the format, content, and difficulty of the real test. Otherwise, you might be in for a not-so-great surprise on test day. 

Where to find a good practice test? Georgia provides this handy dandy candidate exam guide that has practice questions in it.

You can also purchase practice tests online. Your best resource will hopefully be your pre-licensing education provider. Take advantage of all the study materials they offer.

#4: Focus on Your Weaknesses

Are those practice tests you’ve been taking? They should be telling you exactly where your skills are the weakest. 

Don’t waste valuable study time reviewing things you know. Instead, focus on the areas that you don’t quite have down yet. 

Not a math person? Use a calculator to double-check answers. Having trouble memorizing vocab words? Make some flashcards to help practice.

While practicing the hard stuff might be less fun, it’s the work that will get you that sweet, sweet passing score.

#5: Don’t Rush and Don’t Stress

Don’t let bad planning stand in the way of your success. Cramming is not the most effective way to learn, and it will stress you out. Instead, ensure you have plenty of time to complete your study plan before exam day.

On the day of the test, leave plenty of time to travel without feeling rushed. The more calm and prepared you feel walking into the testing center, the better you’ll do. 

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