What Can You Do with a Georgia Broker’s License?

Getting your Georgia broker’s license opens up a world of career opportunities for you. Are you ready to explore the possibilities? 

Here’s what you can do with a Georgia broker’s license (and how to get one).

What’s the Difference Between a Georgia Broker’s License and a Real Estate License?

Before we get into the details of your broker’s license career options, it’s important to understand the difference between a broker’s license and a real estate license. When people say “real estate license,” they’re usually talking about the salesperson license. This is the license that allows you to represent buyers and sellers in the Georgia real estate market. As a licensed real estate agent in Georgia, you must work under a supervising real estate broker

The Georgia broker’s license is different because the broker’s license allows you to have other licensed salespeople working under you. You can be a “broker associate,” which means you have a broker’s license but work under another broker, or you can be a “broker,” in which case you are solely responsible for your real estate activity. 

So both licenses will allow you to practice real estate, but only a broker’s license allows you to work independently or manage other agents. 

Career Opportunities in Georgia Real Estate

You can get into any of these exciting career paths with either a Georgia broker’s license or a real estate license:

  • Residential real estate sales

  • Residential leasing

  • Property management

  • Real estate investing

  • Commercial real estate sales and leases

But these opportunities are reserved only for Georgia real estate brokers:

  • Working independently without oversight from another broker

  • Managing a residential real estate sales team

  • Operating your own property management firm

  • Opening your own real estate brokerage

  • Launching your own real estate investment company that includes licensed real estate agents

How to Get Your Georgia Broker’s License

You must have experience as a licensed real estate salesperson before you can get your Georgia broker’s license. You need to be at least 21 years old and you must hold an active real estate license for three of the last five years before you can apply for your broker’s license. 

So if you don’t already have your Georgia real estate license, that’s the place to start! It’s important to note that Georgia offers license reciprocity with several other states, so if you’re licensed in another state but want to practice real estate in Georgia, you might qualify for a Georgia real estate license without additional courses or testing.

Once you have held your salesperson license for three of the last five years, you can follow these steps to get your Georgia broker’s license:

  1. Complete the GREC-required 60-hour broker education course.

  2. Apply online to take your state broker exam.

  3. Pass your broker exam.

  4. Apply for your Georgia broker’s license. Use the Open a Firm application if you are branching out with a new business of your own. 

Start Your Georgia Real Estate Career Today

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