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The Texas real estate market is booming, and with that boom comes a wave of real estate agents who are bringing new knowledge, expertise and motivation to the space. We checked in with 28 agents we've identified as being in that next wave of Texas real estate so we could share their top tips for finding success in the industry and staying motivated. Keep reading for snippets of their top advice and words of motivation!

Chelsie Synatschk, Dallas/Fort Worth

 My pro tip:  "As a beginning agent, the most important piece of advice I was given was to learn from every transaction and engage in every form of education I could get my hands on. The knowledge that I’ve gained along the way—both formal and informal—is what allows me to serve my clients with confidence and skill."

Liz Rogers, Austin

 My pro tip:  "Even though building an internet presence requires systems and processes, to be successful, the human touch is the most important element of any plan. Find a way to make contact and a connection with your audience(s)."

David Holiner, Dallas/Fort Worth

 My pro tip:  "One thing that has helped me find the most success in my career is the ability to not give up when the going gets tough. Real Estate is a hard industry for young guys to break into. You have to stick it out and fight!"

Will Bruner, Dallas/Fort Worth

 My pro tip:  "I've had a lot of good advice over the years from professors at UT to my mentor and boss Tim Fleet. The best advice I received had to do with negotiating, “Whoever has the most information usually wins, 'Information’ includes continuing education, market research, and basic due diligence."

Luis Alonso, San Antonio

 My pro tip:  "The most helpful factor in my real estate career was the brokerage I chose this time around. Also another factor that changed my equation was surrounding myself with real estate professionals."

Brandon Foskey, Austin

 My pro tip:  "Hard work and persistence is what has helped me achieve success in my real estate career. I love the saying "The harder you work the luckier you get" and I try to live by the motto everyday."

Alvin Nelson, Dallas/Fort Worth

 My pro tip:  "In the world today, clients have many choices at their fingertips. Yet clients will always identify with agents that can make a personal connection. Be yourself, that connection can not be duplicated."

Zach Sunderland, Austin

 My pro tip:  "Get the client in the office to look at potential properties together. I used to spend hours researching and sending out lists of potential properties to clients I had that could suit their needs based on a small set of criteria they gave me. This proved to be super inefficient because I was sending each client 2-3 lists, and a lot of times, when we toured the properties on the final list, they didn't like any of them and wanted to tour again. When I started to get them in the office to discuss their search together, however, things started to change a lot for me. Instead of me picking out properties, I let them see everything that's available and let them pick the properties that most interest them. This method assures that they're picking the best property from their list of favorites, rather than picking the best out of my favorites."

Sharon Crockett, Dallas/Fort Worth

 My pro tip:  "Real Estate encompasses more than just buying and selling houses. Most of today's clients pre-shop before ever calling an agent, if they know more than you about what's out there, you're likely not going to get their business."

Nichole Maddox, Dallas/Fort Worth

 My pro tip:  "I believe that working with clients is an honored relationship that requires my best effort to fulfill their needs. However I also build great friendships that last beyond the business transactions. My success relies on building trust and integrity with my clients."

Benjamin Lewis, Dallas/Fort Worth

 My pro tip:  "If you turn your goal into your heart's desire it will become a reality."

Alicia Hill, Austin

 My pro tip:  "To provide the best Real Estate service experience, my recipe for success is to add ingredients which cannot be bought or measured with money, such as sincerity and integrity!"

Kori Hendrix, Dallas/Fort Worth

 My pro tip:  "Find a mentor, get an excellent education in real estate and to never stop learning. The more you know the better you can serve for your clients and happy well cared for clients refer you to family, friends and even strangers! We all know quality referrals lead to new clients and new sales!"

Michaela Aden, San Antonio

 My pro tip:  "Be accessible to your clients. Remember them during holidays just like you remember your family. Just because you got paid doesn't mean your client is no longer part of your extended family. Stay in touch and let them be part of your life in return."

Kat Norwood, Dallas/Fort Worth

 My pro tip:  "What has kept me going in this industry is having a strong vision of where I want to be and looking at “failures" as a stepping stone towards that vision. The path is not always a straight and clear path. It gets murky and there are many twists and turns along the way. However, if you learn to love the journey and look at every situation as a learning opportunity, your journey becomes your training ground. Similar to going to the gym it works the muscles to build strength of character and wisdom; propelling you forward towards your dream. With this mentality how can you possibly fail? Perseverance trumps talent any day."

Karysa Myers, Austin

 My pro tip:  "In a business that is very money driven I have found that when you focus primarily on building a relationship with your clients the payoff is greater."

Kara Whitcomb, Dallas/Fort Worth

 My pro tip:  "This is a people business. The key to success in real estate is taking care of your clients, just as you would your family. My family-owned and operated real estate brokerage, Select Residential Brokerage, Ltd., treats every client like they are part of our very own family. Integrity is key. Don’t focus on the paycheck, focus on the process. Do what you do, and don’t do what you don’t do. If you perfect this approach, you can’t fail."

Michelle Burns, Austin

 My pro tip:  "Stay true to you! Surround yourself with positive, successful, ethical agents. Education is key, so, learn, learn, learn and learn some more! Remain open minded, things are not always black and white. Stay organized, stay in touch with your sphere, stay positive and never forget to take care of YOU!"

Holly Barnes, Dallas/Fort Worth

 My pro tip:  "To be a successful Realtor in any area you must be willing to think outside of the box, overcome at least three "No" answers from a seller before getting off the phone, always provide value, and most of all never stop learning!"

Devin Tahuahua, San Antonio

 My pro tip:  "At the start, work hard and try everything. After some success, track what is working and focus on those activities. What is measured will expand."

Carlos Burgos, Austin

 My pro tip:  "Always be curious, never be complacent." - Bill Rasmussen

Jamie Mercado, Dallas/Fort Worth

 My pro tip:  "There is no Real Estate Welfare! Hustle is the key!!"

Tammy Tallent, Dallas/Fort Worth

 My pro tip:  "You will work harder in the first 3 years to build your RE business than you have ever worked in your life. There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs!"

Graham Trull, Austin Commercial Real Estate

 My pro tip:  “Being successful in the commercial real estate industry requires putting yourself in a position to succeed at all times. This means creating opportunities for one’s self and taking action. Some key elements are networking, researching, processing, targeting, and executing. Persistence is key here."

The other key aspect is listening to and gathering feedback from coworkers, peers, clients, and prospects; then responding accordingly. This takes some time and patience to learn, but will determine your continued success in the industry. The best brokers are tireless, fearless, and remain motivated throughout their career.”

Jessica Lopez, San Antonio

 My pro tip:  "The way I overcome all the challenges as a real estate agent is I love what do. I love to help my clients to get into their home or sell their home."

Chauncy Richard, Dallas/Fort Worth

 My pro tip:  "The best insider tip I can provide would be, be yourself. Be authentic and genuine. Own your slips and help others step up. Practice what you preach, lead by example and sow what you want to reap."

Bobby Mathew, Austin

 My pro tip:  My success is from the "Customer First" and "Being Honest" policy. I always try to do the best for my customers, never push my clients, and always give honest opinions about the properties. You can call/text me at (512) 387-6869 or email at"

Maria Screeton, Dallas/Fort Worth

 My pro tip:  I love my profession and love expressing that via social media. When entering the industry, I was self-developing daily. The leader who influenced my growth was Mr. Tony Robbins and his quote, "If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you'll be successful." These words lead me to one of the top producing offices in the area. I made it my mission to meet many top producers and mimic their methods."

Kim Geer, Dallas/Fort Worth

 My pro tip:  “ Once I Stopped looking for leads and started looking for friendships that was a game changer for me. I’m proud to say each one of my clients that I’ve helped is now a friend. Feel free to contact me at 817-585-6252 or!"

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