10 Students You Meet in Real Estate Class

1. The Online Shopper

Why let 180 required hours of real estate in-classroom instruction get in the way of scoring sweet deals on half-priced shoes? We’ve all sat behind one of these folks. You’ve watched him scroll through pages and pages of baseball caps while you’re trying to pay attention to the finer points of the Seller’s Disclosure Notice. But truth be told, you’re still impressed by those designer jeans he snagged for a killer price. This guy is gonna be looking extra stylish when he fails the final exam.

2. The 36-Highlighter Woman

She brought 36 different highlighters to real estate school. And she highlights everything. By the end of class, her textbook is so fluorescent, it can actually be seen from space. What’s the point of highlighting when you highlight EVERYTHING?! We’re still searching for that answer. And when it’s found, she’ll highlight it.

3. The Sleeper

Sure, he paid hundreds of dollars to attend this class. And sure, he’ll need to learn the information being taught in order to pass the real estate license exam. But he stayed up all night binge-watching The Great British Baking Show (those hosts are just SO British-ly charming) on Netflix and now he’s decided that the classroom is where he’ll make up on all that lost sleep. Best of luck to you on the exam, Stewart...

4. The Fighter

We all know this one. This person argues with the teacher about e-v-e-r-y-thing. He takes joy in challenging the instructor at every turn, while the rest of the class groans. Hey, Brett? Maybe the instructor knows what he’s talking about! While we can appreciate wanting to get down to the hard facts, you can’t help but sigh and roll your eyes when you hear “Um, actually...!” for the 45th time this hour.

5. The Riddler

This person asks a question every time the instructor gets to the end of a sentence. CAROL. Please just write down your questions and ask them at the end of the lecture like everyone else. You are turning this 8 hour course into a 20 hour course. Come on. We’ve got places to be and regulations to learn. And to answer your question AGAIN, yes this will be on the final exam.

6. The Grizzled Veteran

Linda has been in the business for years and has an anecdote for just about every topic you could imagine. She remembers when there was lead in paint and asbestos in walls. She’s about as jaded as they come and loves to bestow her wisdom on the younger agents in the class. She’s been there, done that, honey. And even though it’s a Tuesday morning, her coffee mug is full of Chardonnay. C’est la vie.

7. The Sick One

This person has shown up to class with a hacking cough. He sneezes on the worksheets he hands you. He runs out of tissues and starts blowing his nose on textbook pages. He might actually have the plague. He has doomed the entire classroom. There is not enough Purell in the world to disinfect his desk. It will need to be burned. ProTip: wear a hazmat suit to class tomorrow.

8. The “Is That a Celebrity?”

Do I know him from something? He looks so familiar. Is he the guy from that thing? Let me Google this. Hmmm… that’s not him. Or is it? (Spoiler alert: He’s a retired pro baseball player and he probably goes by “Chip.”)

9. The Networker

You know the type. You say, “Hello, nice to meet you,” and she immediately gets you into her contacts list. Next thing you know, she’s invited you to her family Thanksgiving. The Networker is here to learn, sure. But she’s also going to become a permanent fixture on your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat profiles. She wants to know what brokerages you’re interested in, what real estate books you’re reading, what websites you check, what your blood type is, etc. I’m sorry, but you have just accidentally become best friends with The Networker. You do not have a choice.

10. The Student Who Wishes They Were Home

Let’s be honest — this is all of us. You’re sitting in that FREEZING cold classroom (seriously, why are all real estate classrooms refrigerated?), just wishing that you could be at home, snuggled up with your favorite blanket and your favorite pet (don’t act like you didn’t pick a favorite). Luckily, with Aceable Agent, you can stop wishing and make it a reality. Complete your real estate courses on your laptop, phone, or tablet while wearing your pajamas. Win-win.


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