How Do Schools Affect Texas' Summer Housing Market?

When you received your real estate license, you might have given a sigh of relief, thinking you were done with school forever. You were wrong. Even if you never pick up a textbook again, schools and school schedules will continue to influence your career in real estate. School quality often playing a major role in the desirability of neighborhoods and school schedules play a role in the strength of the housing market. Even buyers who aren’t parents must be aware of these factors while home shopping.

How Do Schools Affect Texas' Summer Housing Market?

Texas Summer Heat

Summertime in Texas might not seem to be anyone’s ideal time to look for a house. That’s a lot of time spent in the sun trekking from one place to another, particularly if you have to drag the whole family along. But there are many advantages to buying in the summer that balance out the blistering weather related to the calendar of local schools. Texas schools let out for the year in mid-May and start up again particularly early, often during the first two weeks of August, so make sure to factor their specific schedule in to your calculations.

New Kid in Class

Moving causes disruption for everyone involved--packing alone is a full time job. So it makes sense that parents would prefer to minimize the amount of stress in the lives of their family. Buying a home after the school year has ended means that kids get to finish out their studies with their classmates before moving to a new school. Starting a new school at the beginning of the year eases a tough transition for students. This also minimizes disruptions during the move, since parents won’t have to worry about their kids missing class to unpack and settle in to their new routines.

What Are the Best Months to Buy Real Estate in Texas?

Spring and summer tend to be busy season for Texas real estate for a variety of factors, with both inventory and prices peaking in the summer when school is out of session. The later into summer you go, the higher prices are likely to become as buyers scramble to find a new home before the beginning of the school year. New home listings reach their peak in May, the end of Texas’ school year, and slowly dwindle from there until their lowest point in December.

For buyers who don’t have school-aged children, the fall months may actually be a better time for their house hunt. Inventory is lower, but so is competition. And for sellers, fall is a great time to find more serious buyers, who need to find a home quickly without worrying about schedules. Open houses won’t be flooded with only casually interested people looking to explore in the sunshine after a few months of winter gloom, which can be the case in spring.

Knowing what you now do about schools’ effects on the summertime housing market in Texas, you’ll be able to help make a decision about when the best time to house hunt is for your clients, making sure they find their dream home with time to set up the Slip n’ Slide on the lawn for some summer fun.

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