How Much Do Realtors Make in Texas?

There is big money to be made with your Texas Realtor license. In fact, one of the best things about being a Realtor is the unlimited income potential. You decide how much (and how hard) you want to work to fund a lifestyle you love.

Of course you probably want to know how much Realtors in Texas make in general terms so you can set realistic income goals for yourself.

So let’s look at how much the average agent makes, how much you could make with your Realtor license, and how to position yourself toward the top of the income curve.

How much do Texas Realtors make on average?

The National Association of Realtors® (NAR) reported that the median gross income for Realtors was $39,200 in 2015. Glassdoor reported higher annual income for Texas-based real estate agents: $48,883 on average .

Is this lower than you expected? Don’t worry. There are a couple of logical reasons for the averages to skew low.

First, many Realtors work part-time since real estate provides the flexibility to work around life’s other commitments. And naturally, the part-time salaries drag down the median income figures.

Additionally, many agents have just gotten their Realtor license within the last two years. The first few years in real estate sales always produce the lowest income. It takes time for new agents to fill their pipelines with qualified buyers and sellers. Once you have some positive reviews from happy clients, and you start getting referrals from previous clients, business will really pick up.

What is the income potential for Texas Realtors?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics confirmed that Texas is a better-than-average place to get your Realtor license. They report an annual mean wage between $63,640 and $103,490 . This is especially impressive when compared to many states that report means between just $34,190 and $48,110 as shown in the chart below.

A quick review of salaries on Glassdoor also shows multiple employees reporting salaries over $100,000. Even as high as $156,000.

There are ways you can make sure you’re closer to the $100K income than the $36K. Here are a few ways to maximize your income: Invest early in a website and blog. Today’s buyers and sellers look for agents online. A professional website will add credibility. And a blog will boost your search engine ranking.
Use social media to reach future buyers and sellers. Negotiate with your broker for a higher split of your total commission. Work the luxury markets. You’ll be able to make more money closing fewer transactions. * Stick with it! The NAR report that showed a median of $39,200 for Realtors also shows a median of $73,400 for agents who have over 16 years’ experience.

The real estate industry can be a goldmine for those willing to invest the time and effort in building their businesses for the long-term. And it all starts with your Realtor license. Your career is waiting; find your pre-license course today!

Image Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics Glassdoor

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