How many real estate agents are in the state of New York?

Becoming a real estate agent is a rewarding career anywhere, but there's something special about living and working in New York. The Empire State is home to the country's biggest — maybe even best! — city, as well as plenty of upscale suburbs, quaint small towns, and rural farms. There's something in New York for everyone, so the outlook for real estate agents is strong. 

But just how many licensed agents are in New York, anyway? Let's dig into the numbers.

How Many Licensed Real Estate Agents Are There in New York?

According to New York State's data on state licensure, in April 2023 there were 82,171 active salespersons and 49,317 active brokers in the state. Of these licensed real estate agents, approximately 60,000 agents are members of the New York State Association of Realtors (NYSAR), the premier professional real estate association. 

The number of licensed real estate agents in New York is up from previous years. In fact, 60% more new licenses were issued in 2020 and 2021 than in the two-year stretch between 2018 and 2019. But new licenses don't tell the whole story: as new agents enter the field, others move away, retire, or otherwise allow their licenses to lapse. 

And while the number of salespeople has risen, the number of active brokers has fallen by about 3,000 since we last checked in on the data in March 2021. Remember, brokers are responsible for managing a real estate business (or brokerage), while agents act as salespeople who work under the broker. With fewer brokerages around for competition, it could be an excellent time for experienced agents to start their own businesses in New York. 

How Many Total Real Estate Agents Are There in the United States?

According to HomeLight, there are more than three million active, licensed real estate agents in the United States. That means only about 2.7% of licensed real estate agents are located in New York — not many at all when you consider it's the fourth most populated state in the country. Approximately 1,600,900 of those licensed agents are Realtors. This means that New York accounts for 5.1% of the nation's Realtors. 

Is It a Good Time to Get Into Real Estate?

Now is a great time to enter the real estate field. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people wish to work from home, and real estate is one field that easily accommodates remote working. Real estate agents can succeed with a reliable device, Wi-Fi, social media, and an arsenal of the right tech tools.

According to the National Association of Realtors Real Estate in a Digital Age report, about 81% of millennials and 78% of Gen-Xers used a mobile device to find their home. With our increasingly technology-driven lifestyles, a career in real estate can be conducted from any location you wish.

How Do I Earn a New York Real Estate License?

If you'd like to become one of the newest licensed real estate agents in New York State, it's easier than you think to get started. There are seven steps to get your New York real estate license:

  • Meet the eligibility requirements to become a licensed real estate agent in New York.

  • Complete New York’s required pre-license real estate courses.

  • Pass the pre-license course exam.

  • Sign up to take the New York state licensing exam.

  • Pass the exam.

  • Find a sponsoring broker.

  • Apply for a license and pay the associated fee.

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Updated 5/2/23

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