5 Hacks to Get a Real Estate License in 5 Weeks or Less

Getting Your Real Estate License

One of the first things hopeful agents ask is, how quickly can I get my real estate license ? The answer is: That depends. Some states set stipulations for the length of time you have to wait at various stages or they’re a little slower to get applications approved.

Most people take around four months to get their real estate license, but it is possible to knock out the requirements much faster. With these five hacks, you can get a real estate license in five weeks or less.

Get the Real Estate Candidate Handbook

Did you know the real estate exam providers publish a handbook for applicants? Most states use the company PSI to administer tests. If you’re in one of those states you can do a Google search for PSI’s local handbook to find the online version.

The handbook is an awesome hack for two reasons. 1. The handbook provides an in-depth outline of all the requirements for getting a license. You can use the outline to create your 5-week schedule for getting everything done. 1. The handbook spells out what to expect on test day, including the topics that are covered on the licensing exam.

Go Online With Your Education (And Look for an App)

Real estate license requirements vary state-by-state, but education is always a part of the process. Every state mandates that applicants take real estate courses before they can sit for the licensing exam. In most cases, this is the most time-consuming part of getting a license.

The #1 hack to getting a real estate license in five weeks or less is to do the courses online on your own schedule. In-class real estate courses immediately slow things down because you’re limited to someone else’s timeline in terms of when the classes start, how long they last, and how quickly you can complete them.

Holding a Phone

With online real estate courses , you work at your own pace. It’s possible to hammer through the classes and get them done in a matter of a week or so if you’re able to make it your primary focus. The absolute best option is to find an online course provider that offers an app so you can knock out courses in your downtime no matter where you are.

Get Face Time With Brokerages Early On

Another requirement in virtually every state is having an employing broker. Finding the perfect fit can take time, and some states require that you have a broker lined up before applying.

As soon as you decide to get a real estate license go ahead and start researching which brokers you want to work for. National brokers are always looking to recruit, but local boutique brokers may limit the number of new agents they bring on board. The trick to landing the broker you want is to get face time early on in the process.

If an agent in the brokerage is holding an open house, swing by and introduce yourself. Find out if the broker is recruiting new agents and what the process entails. You can also check the broker’s event schedule to see if they’re hosting a professional event or acting as the guest speaker. The goal is to get in front of someone who’s already at the brokerage so you can line up an interview ASAP.

Do Practice Tests Before the Licensing Exam

Passing the licensing exam on your first attempt will certainly reduce the time it takes to get a real estate license. Although you’ll have multiple attempts to pass the exam, you have to wait at least a few days (or more) between each attempt. Plus, you have to pay the exam fee each time.

The best study hack for any type of exam is to do practice tests. Studies have shown that practice tests are the most effective study tool around. The more you test yourself the more information you’ll retain. Another bonus is that practice exams help decrease test anxiety.

Practice Test

When you sign up for AceableAgent online real estate courses we’ll provide practice quizzes that get you prepped for the exam. Your state real estate commission may also offer practice tests to help you prep.

Block Out the Distractions

Getting a real estate license in five weeks requires extreme focus. That’s pretty hard to do when social media sites and countless other distractions are a click away.

Programs like FocusMe can help you overcome the distractions even if you have zero willpower. Download the program and app then select the time-sucking websites you want to temporarily block. Viola! Instantly you’re less distracted and more focused.

With these five time-saving hacks, you’ll have your real estate license in no time!

Krista Doyle

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