Getting Your Real Estate License Online vs. in a Classroom

When considering where to get your real estate license, you have an important decision to make: online school or traditional classroom experience? More and more people are seeking their real estate license online as it’s typically the faster and easier choice. But is the best choice for you? 

We’ll go over the differences between online real estate school and a traditional pre-licensing course so that you can decide how to get started on your journey toward becoming a real estate agent.


The cost of real estate education plays a major role in where people choose to earn their real estate license. While you may want to comparison shop, know that an online real estate licensing course is typically less expensive than a traditional classroom course. 

With an online course, you don’t have to pay for the cost of instructors or books, but you’re still fulfilling the same education requirement. Cost Winner: Online Real Estate Course 


Convenience of the program is an important factor when choosing where to earn your real estate pre-license. Many people pursuing a career as a real estate agent already have another job, so they need a class that they can take regardless of schedule. 

Those who take in-person real estate licensing courses have to meet regularly for several hours per week. If committing to that schedule is difficult, an online pre-licensing course will allow you to complete the class any time, anywhere, even from the comfort of your own home.  Convenience Winner: Online Real Estate Course 


While you might assume that an in-classroom real estate course would offer a higher-quality learning experience, this is not always the case. Online courses cater to an abundance of learning styles -- auditory, through voiceover and video; visual, through pictures and graphics; and verbal, through text and exam prep. 

Additionally, web-based classes allow students to prepare for the real estate exam through an online bank of state exam practice questions. Since the license exam is the final step in becoming a real estate professional, having access to a final exam study guide will be invaluable to you. 

At the same time, many people thrive under the guidance of an in-person instructor and enjoy the level of interaction they get to have with other students in a classroom setting. Quality Winner: Tie 

Summing It Up

When comparing online real estate school and traditional pre-license classes, it’s clear why so many people are choosing the former. Getting your real estate license online is less expensive and more convenient than taking a classroom course. 

Additionally, online courses offer students the same high-quality subject matter as in-person programs. With there being so many benefits to online pre-license courses, seems like the choice of where to get your real estate license is easy!

Krista Doyle

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