3 Best Real Estate Schools in Austin

Are you searching for the best real estate school in Austin? We break down 3 of your best options to complete your courses, pass your TREC exam, and get your license.

Are you looking for the best real estate school Austin has to offer?

With Austin-area real estate being such a hot career opportunity, there are plenty of real estate schools to help you complete your coursework, pass your Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) Exam, and get your real estate license.

But some real estate schools make the process much easier and more enjoyable than others.

To help you make this big decision, we’re going to compare and contrast the 3 best real estate schools in Austin.

The Criteria

These Austin real estate schools were chosen based on:

TREC exam pass rates. This number tells you how many students pass their real estate exam. Your real estate education is basically worthless if you can’t pass the TREC exam to get your real estate license, so this metric is the most important. By the way, only 60.4% of first-time test-takers pass the TREC. We’ll show you how each of the top 3 real estate schools in Austin compare! See the current TREC Education Provider Exam Pass Rates here.

Pricing. Of course, price isn’t everything. But affordability is important. And you want to make sure you’re getting a good value for your educational investment.

Reputation. We’ll consider how each real estate school is perceived in consumer reviews, as well as in the Austin area and in the real estate industry as a whole.

With that, let’s jump in!

#1. AceableAgent

Yep, that’s us! Based on the objective criteria outlined above, we are the best real estate school in Austin.

AceableAgent is also one of Austin’s newest real estate schools. And that’s a good thing; it means we’re built on cutting edge technology and modern methods of education.

And being new doesn’t mean we’re inexperienced. Our platform and curriculum were built by seasoned real estate professionals, Harvard-educated instructional designers, and top-notch writers.

In the short time we’ve been around, we believe we are the premier real estate school for the modern age.


Of all the real estate schools in Austin, AceableAgent has the most innovative and engaging courses. First, the courses are designed for mobile use. In fact, when we first launched in 2017, we were the only mobile-first course approved by TREC. You can get your entire real estate education directly from your phone or tablet!

We also offer ground-breaking workshops to give students hands-on training. This is especially important in areas like real estate math and contract writing. Subjects like these tend to be tedious, but they have very serious real-world implications. The workshops show students exactly how the concepts will be put into practice in their day-to-day real estate business.

Our courses are also supported by unparalleled customer service. If you need a real estate expert to answer a specific question or provide any additional insight, our instructors are available 7 days/week. And if you need customer support for any reason, we’re available by phone, email, chat, or even social media.

Plus our pre-license courses all come complete with exam prep and even exam proctoring!

And just look at these glowing reviews:

And our course presentation works. To date, 82.01%* of AceableAgent students have passed the TREC (1010 of 1232 total registrants). See the TREC Provider Exam Pass Rates! This is impressive by any standard, but especially compared to that 60.78% average!


AceableAgent is currently offering our Get Started package for just $497 (regularly priced at $677). We even offer payment plan options if you would be more comfortable spreading that amount over multiple payments.

The Get Started package includes your 180-hour pre-license course bundle, unlimited exam prep, instructor support from real estate experts, and even free exam proctoring (that proctoring alone is a $90 value!).

AceableAgent’s Biggest Benefits:

  • Engaging coursework with a mobile design so you can learn from your phone or tablet.
  • Exam prep and proctoring are included with every licensure package.
  • Value and affordability.
  • World-class instructions and customer service.
  • The highest TREC exam pass rate in Austin.

Areas Where AceableAgent Can Improve:

  • Continuing education course offerings. We currently offer several CE classes, and we’re working on adding more options so students can be more selective.
  • Growing our student base. Being relatively new, we’re working on getting our name out there so we can help as many agents (both current and future agents!) as possible.

TREC Exam Pass Rate for AceableAgent’s Students:

The TREC exam pass rate for AceableAgent’s students is 82.01%* (1010 of 1232 total registrants). See TREC Provider Exam Pass Rates.

#2. Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express is a highly reputable online real estate school. It’s a branch of McKissock Learning, which teaches everything from appraisal to home inspection to banking.

They offer a full complement of courses for real estate licensing and continuing education. Let’s take a look at their courses and pricing.


Real Estate Express courses have been praised for their clear and concise outlines. They may not have the most engaging content, but it’s well-organized and laid out for students to easily grasp the relationships between concepts.

One problem is that the coursework isn’t designed to be accessed from a phone or tablet. You technically can view the material on a tablet, but Real Estate Express’ FAQ’s specifically recommend using a computer for “a better course experience”.

The big problem, according to reviews by Real Estate Express students, is that the material doesn’t always adequately cover the topics that are included on the TREC exam. Students are naturally frustrated when they feel they know the course material, but then the exam questions seem to come out of left field.

Other reviews can be read here. Note that some reviews may include students from other states.


The Real Estate Express ‘Get Started’ Package is available for $484. But they often offer promo codes for you to purchase the package for a lower price.

You should know upfront that this package does not include any exam prep or any guarantee of passing the TREC exam. To get those essentials, you’ll need to purchase the ‘Exam Advantage Package’ for $519 (again, they may offer promo codes to give you a special price).

This is a pretty good price for your real estate licensing courses. Just keep in mind that the exam proctoring is not included; if not free, you should expect to pay around $90 for exam proctoring in Austin.

Real Estate Express’ Biggest Benefits:

  • Well-organized coursework.
  • Affordability.

Area Where Real Estate Express Can Improve Based on Consumer Reviews:

  • Modernizing the coursework. Clear and concise is a great start, but by today’s standards, the material should also be engaging and designed for mobile devices.

TREC Exam Pass Rate for Real Estate Express’ Students:

The TREC exam pass rate for Real Estate Express’ students is currently at 68.06%* (1,130 have passed out of 1,654 registrants). Well-above average, but still not great. See TREC Provider Exam Pass Rates.

#3. Champions School of Real Estate

Champions School of Real Estate is the longest-standing real estate school on our list, having been around since 1983.

Aside from their longevity, the most notable difference between Champions and the other real estate schools on our list is that Champions offers on-campus courses. Champions has a reputation for employing instructors who are exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful.

This history of reputable instructors, coupled with on-campus classes in the Austin area, have earned Champions a spot on our list of the best real estate schools in Austin.


If you learn best from in-person instruction, Champions may be a good fit for you. The Round Rock campus is fairly convenient for Austin-area students. And, as we mentioned, the instructors consistently do a great job of presenting the material.

But if you’re like most of today’s real estate students, you need the flexibility online education offers. So let’s look at Champions’ online courses.

This is where you start to see how Champions differs from other programs. Champions’ online course consists of PDFs that cover material, online quizzes that test your knowledge, and you also have the option to purchase textbooks.

Unfortunately, you don’t even have to get to the coursework to see that Champions is outdated.

Even trying to sign up for the classes online is more difficult than it should be because of the unintuitive navigation and efficient design. Just try to sign up for on-campus classes. Sure, we believe you’ll be able to figure it out, but you’ll see how clunky the process is. See this image as an example.


Champions’ prices just keep rising. Right now, the starting price for on-campus courses at the Austin/Round Rock Campus is $980. This includes 180 course-hours of education plus exam prep.

But what about the online package? Surely that’s more reasonably priced since online courses are less expensive for schools to run, right? Wrong. You’ll still pay $980 for your online PDF’s-and-quizzes package.

Champions’ Biggest Benefits:

  • On-campus options for those who learn better in-person.
  • Exceptional course instructors and a responsive staff.

Areas Where Champions Can Improve:

  • Mostly outdated.
  • There is nothing engaging or remotely interesting about the PDF-and-quiz learning process.
  • The expense.

TREC Exam Pass Rate for Champions’ Students:

The TREC exam pass rate for Champions’ students is currently at 61.00%* (12,000 have passed out of 19,615 total registrants). See TREC Provider Exam Pass Rates For the price, you would really expect Champions’ pass rate to be much higher. It’s also strange that the pass rate is this low when the test prep is included in the price.

Wrapping It Up

In the end, you want to choose the Austin real estate school that offers the best possible results. You’re paying to learn all about real estate so you can pass your real estate exam, get your real estate license, and launch your career. Get the results you’re looking to achieve while enjoying quality course material at an affordable price! Start your real estate career today by making AceableAgent your real estate school!

*TREC state exam pass rate data as of September 30, 2019.