What is on the California Real Estate Exam?

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You’ve taken the required DRE real estate courses, applied to take the exam and been approved to schedule a test date. Awesome! You’re on the home stretch to getting a California real estate license.

But first, you have to pass the California salesperson exam. Give yourself an edge by learning what you can expect to see on test day.

What is on the California Salesperson Exam?

The California salesperson exam is an electronic test taken at one of five test sites. Here are a few more pieces of essential information:

  • Type of test: Multiple choice, four options per question
  • Number of questions: 150
  • Time allotted for the test: 3 hours 15 minutes
  • Passing score: 70% or higher
  • Acceptable ID: valid driver’s license, DMV ID, passport or military ID card issued within the last 5 years

An ID is all you have to bring with you. The test facility will provide calculators, and phones aren’t allowed, even during the break.

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What You’ll Be Tested on During the Exam

Broadly speaking, the salesperson exam is designed to test your knowledge of real estate practices, regulations, and laws in California. This includes economic, financial, political, ethical and legal principles. You know, all the stuff you learned in your DRE-approved real estate courses.

The major categories of the exam include:

  • Practice of Real Estate and Disclosures - Approx. 25% of the exam/37-38 questions
  • Laws of Agency and Fiduciary Duty - Approx. 17% of the exam/25-26 questions
  • Property Ownership and Land Use Controls and Regulations - Approx. 15% of the exam/22-23 questions
  • Property Valuation and Financial Analysis - Approx. 14% of the exam/21 questions
  • Contracts - Approx. 12% of the exam/18 questions
  • Financing - Approx. 9% of the exam/13-14 questions
  • Transfer of Property - Approx. 8% of the exam/12 questions

You have to answer at least 105 questions correctly to get a passing score of 70% or higher. Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait in anticipation too long. You’ll get the results of the electronic test as soon as you’re done.

Studying for the California Salesperson Exam

Knowing what’s on the exam makes it easier to study up before the big day. Study guides also help.

The California Department of Real Estate suggests that test-takers read through their Reference Book as well as the Real Estate Law book. It’s also a good idea to take practice tests since it’s a proven way to retain information.

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