What are the Continuing Education Requirements in New York?

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there are more than 8,500 real estate agents in New York. Becoming a licensed real estate agent requires completion of a 77-hour real estate salesperson education course and passing an exam administered by the Department of State. However, your real estate education doesn't stop there.

A newly updated law, passed in 2019, requires all real estate agents and brokers to complete 22.5 hours of New York real estate continuing education courses every two years when they renew their license.

The article below outlines the details of New York's continuing education requirements, including who is exempt, how often the classes must be taken, which classes are required, and where to take your CE courses.

Required Continuing Education Courses in the State of New York 

The state of New York recently changed its continuing education requirements for real estate professionals. As of July 1, 2021, all licensees must complete at least 22.5 hours of CE to renew their licenses. Brokers who were previously exempt from New York's CE requirements will no longer be exempt after July 1, 2021.

All licensees must complete the following courses:

  • 3 hours of education about fair housing laws.

  • 1 hour of education about agency (two hours for first-time license renewals).

  • 2.5 hours of education about ethical business practices (including NAR Code of Ethics training).

  • 1 hour in recent legal matters, which covers rules and regulations, DOS opinions and recent decisions, and court decisions related to real estate in New York.

The remaining 15 hours of required CE may be selected from a list of approved real estate professional courses, which must come from an approved list of courses. Approved courses include:

  • Fundamentals of Retail Leasing

  • Agency Law

  • Agency Relationship

  • State Licensure and Fair Housing

  • Multiple Offers, Handle With Care

  • Commercial Ethics

  • Common Misconceptions to Avoid

  • Commercial & Investment Real Estate

  • Personal Safety in Real Estate

  • Avoiding Deceptive Practices

  • Millennials: Challenging the Traditional Real Estate Model

  • Liars, Cheaters, and Thieves: Averting Client Catastrophe

How often must continuing education courses be taken in New York?

All real estate professionals must complete the required 22.5 hours of CE every two years to renew their license. Both real estate sales agents and real estate brokers must complete CE hours.

Brokers Are No Longer Exempt from CE Courses in New York

In the past, brokers who obtained their first license before July 1, 2008, and held that license for at least 15 consecutive years were exempt from New York continuing education courses. A recent amendment removed that exemption. As of July 1, 2021, all real estate professionals, including previously exempt brokers, must complete 22.5 hours of continuing education to renew their real estate license.

There is, however, one exemption. New York attorneys who have been admitted to the NY State bar are not required to take CE courses in real estate.

Where Can I Take My NY Continuing Education Real Estate Courses? 

Real estate agents and brokers have busy schedules. You may wonder how you are supposed to fit in continuing education courses on top of talking to buyers, touring houses, creating appraisals, and all the other tasks required to run a successful real estate business.

There is good news! You don't have to sit in a classroom to continue your education. Real estate professionals can take their NY continuing education courses online with AceableAgent in a virtual classroom setting. Complete your coursework at your own pace so you can stay educated on the latest trends in New York real estate.

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