What Real Estate Courses Are Required to Earn Your Texas Real Estate License?

So you've decided you want to get your real estate license -- hooray! But before you begin taking the online real estate courses required to get your license , you may be wondering what exactly you'll be learning during the process.

Throughout your real estate school courses, you'll be building a foundation of real estate knowledge that you will not only need to know in order to pass your state exam, but that will guide you throughout each experience you have throughout your real estate career.

To get your Texas real estate license, you need to take six courses that total 180 classroom hours:

To give you a better of idea of what you'll be learning, here's a breakdown of all the real estate courses you'll need to take in order to earn your license.

Principles of Real Estate I

The Principles of Real Estate I course is your first step towards getting your license. You'll learn about basic property definitions, owner and tenant rights, land use and property laws. Because you can't learn to sell a house if you don't understand how property is defined! This course lays the base for the rest of the real estate knowledge that's to come.

Principles of Real Estate II

An extension of Principles of Real Estate I, this course continues teaching the fundamentals of real estate . In this course you'll begin to learn about the processes that come along with property management, appraisals, and transactions. After this course, you'll soon be on your way to learning the ins and outs of being an agent!

Law of Agency

As a real estate agent, it's important to keep your legal (and moral) obligations top of mind at all times. The Law of Agency course goes over buyer-seller relationships and how to properly and professionally navigate them as an agent.

Law of Contracts

Contracts play a major role in business relationships, especially for real estate agents. In this course, you'll begin to explore the types of relationships you'll form in real estate as well as the contracts that come with them.

Promulgated Contracts

In this course, you'll dive further into the world of contracts. You'll learn about the nitty-gritty details that come along with filling out contracts and forms, common mistakes made, and even get a chance to practice how to use and fill out various forms .

Real Estate Finance

It's time to talk money. In the final section of the online real estate courses needed to get your license, you'll learn all about the financial side of the job. You'll gain valuable knowledge on how to finance a home that you can use to make sure your client is properly educated.

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