How Many Real Estate Agents are in Pennsylvania?

Real estate agents in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania proudly boasts some of our nation’s greatest history and our nation’s greatest food (hello Philly cheesesteaks!)

This rich culture also houses a growing population of about 12.8 million people. 

The growing number of people in Pennsylvania plus the attractions and appeal of living in the state equal a great combination for real estate agents to thrive.

But how many real estate agents are actually practicing in Pennsylvania?

Real estate has become an extremely desirable career path over the past decade or so. No matter where you go you’re likely to see a real estate agent’s face on a bench or bus advertisement. Real estate agent offices are popping up all over the place, and Pennsylvania is no exception.

Because of the high number of practicing real estate agents, it’s hard to get an exact number of how many there are. The numbers are also continually fluctuating, so there’s no way to be exact. 

That being said, recent data collected from HomeLight shows there are over 2 million active real estate agents in the U.S. 

And there are subsets within that 2 million. Out of the 2 million real estate agents in the U.S., about 1.4 million of them are licensed Realtors. The rest of the number consists of real estate agents, leasing agents, and other jobs that allow you to help sell or lease property in the U.S.

It is much easier to calculate the exact number of Realtors in a state because, in order to be a licensed Realtor, you must be a member of and registered with the National Association of Realtors (NAR). According to the NAR, there are currently 35,140 registered Realtors in the state of Pennsylvania. 

But, as we said, that is only a portion of the number of active real estate agents in Pennsylvania because there are many other real estate careers other than being a Realtor. 

So, how can we know how many real estate agents total are in Pennsylvania? 

One of the ways to calculate how many real estate agents are in Pennsylvania are to look at the areas or cities in Pennsylvania and see how many active agents are in each area.

But, the number of agents varies depending on the size of the city or area. For example, Philadelphia has about 10,200 active agents, while York only has about 40 active agents. 

From a sample list of about 16 cities on the Homelight website, the number of real estate agents in Pennsylvania totaled about 21,758. With that number so high, it can easily be said that there are over 100,000 real estate agents in the state of Pennsylvania. Now this number would include the 35,140 Realtors in the state as well.

But, if you widen your scope from just real estate agents to all professionals in the real estate field (i.e. real estate assistants, leasing agents, property managers), this number would get even higher.

While it may seem intimidating to get into a competitive field with so many other professionals who are already practicing, there is actually still a very high potential for success if you do it right. 

Some important things to get you ahead of the game in the Pennsylvania real estate world are:

  • Study your Pennsylvania pre-licensing course material thoroughly so you have a good foundation for your career

  • Find the right Pennsylvania real estate broker to sponsor you and give you a leg up in the field

  • Work on your networking and communication skills. Real estate is all about who you know and being personable with people

  • Invest in marketing and know-how to market yourself wisely

  • Take continuing education courses to further your knowledge in the field

The large number of real estate agents in Pennsylvania tells you that it’s a lucrative, booming line of business at this point in time. And since real estate agents are mostly locally specialized, you will really only be in competition with the other agents in your area. These agents will also be helpful to you and become part of your business community as you work towards finding the perfect homes for Pennsylvania families and citizens. 

Leanna Petronella

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