What Does a Real Estate Agent Actually Do?

Are you intrigued by the idea of a profitable career in real estate? You're not alone! Real estate agents can earn lucrative incomes while enjoying the freedom of a flexible schedule. But what exactly does a day in the life of a real estate agent look like? Let’s take a look.

What a Real Estate Agent Does for Buyers

When working with buyers, real estate agents are tasked with understanding exactly what type of property the buyer is looking for, then helping them locate the ideal property, make an offer, and finalize the purchase. Here’s a look at the specific tasks buyers’ agents engage in on a daily basis.

Understanding Buyers’ Needs

First and foremost, agents dedicate time to getting to know their clients. This involves discussing their budget, preferred neighborhoods, and specific home requirements. Each buyer is unique, and a good agent tailors the search to match their needs.

Mortgage and Financing Recommendations

It’s common for buyers to look to their real estate agents for advice regarding their financing needs. As an agent, you’ll need to recommend trusted lenders and educate buyers on the importance of pre-approval. Taking this step now can give your buyers a competitive edge when it’s time to make an offer. 

Property Search and Showings

Once you understand the buyer’s needs and preferences, you'll sort through listings to identify suitable properties. Then, you'll set up viewings and attend them with your buyers. During the viewings, you can help buyers identify the property's pros and cons. 

Crafting an Offer

Once the buyer has identified a property they would like to purchase, you'll help them craft a competitive offer. You'll suggest an appropriate price and may propose contingencies to offer additional protection.

Aiding in Negotiations

The negotiation process often involves back-and-forth discussions. As an agent, you'll need to excel in communicating with sellers and presenting counteroffers when necessary. Your job is to make sure the sellers' interests are represented through each stage of the process. 

Coordinating the Closing Process

As a buyer’s agent, you’ll coordinate the closing, helping the buyer with their inspections, appraisals, and loan finalization. You’ll also help ensure all contingencies are met before the closing and that everything is in order.

Final Walk-Through

Just before closing, you'll walk through the property with your client one last time. During the walk-through, you'll make sure the property is in the agreed-upon condition and that any required repairs have been made.

What a Real Estate Agent Does for Sellers

When working with sellers, real estate agents help guide pricing decisions. They also present the home in the best possible light and assist with negotiations and closings. Here’s what you can expect to do each day.

Property Valuation

One of the agent's first tasks is to evaluate the property. This involves assessing its market value, considering recent sales in the area, and recommending a competitive listing price to attract potential buyers.

Marketing and Listing

After valuation, you'll put your marketing skills to work. You'll create compelling listings, utilize high-quality photos, and perhaps even stage the home. Agents also leverage various channels and platforms to maximize the property's visibility. 

Hosting Showings

As a sellers’ agent, open houses and private showings are your responsibility. You'll host these events, making sure the home is presented in the best possible light. You'll also collect feedback from potential buyers and share it with the seller. 

Receiving and Reviewing Offers

When offers start coming in, you'll present each to the seller. This includes breaking down their components and advising on the merits and potential drawbacks of each one.

Aiding in Negotiations

Just as with buyers, negotiations are a crucial phase for sellers. Agents handle discussions with the buyer's representatives, helping to ensure the seller gets the best possible deal.

Preparing for Closing

Once the seller has accepted an offer, you’ll ensure all required documentation is in place. You'll also coordinate with the buyer’s agent, making sure all last-minute details are handled. This may include checking that required repairs have been made and that all the sellers’ belongings have been moved out.

Finalizing the Sale

In the final stage, the sellers’ agent oversees the process to make sure everything goes smoothly with the transfer of ownership. This includes reviewing the closing statement and other paperwork to ensure it’s accurate and complete.

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