Does Texas Offer Real Estate License Reciprocity?

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Short answer: no.

What Is Reciprocity?

 License reciprocity is when one state allows the license holders of another state to gain a license more easily than people starting the licensing process from scratch. 

The idea is that a person holding a real estate license in another jurisdiction has completed pre-licensing education and qualified for a license, so they are knowledgeable about the fundamentals of real estate already. 

Many states have similar pre-licensing education requirements and state exams administered by the same test providers, so it makes sense that they would view the licensing process as portable. However, not every state agrees that one license qualifies someone for another state’s license.

Different states offer different levels of reciprocity.

  • Some allow a full license transfer to licensees coming from any state. These states still require applicants to pass a background check, complete an application, and prove they have a license in good standing in their home state.

  • Some allow a full license transfer, but only from states with similar pre-licensing requirements. They will also require a background check, application, and proof of licensure in good standing.

  • Some states allow applicants to skip required pre-licensing education and the national portion of the exam, but they must pass the state portion of the exam.

  • Some states do not allow any reciprocity.

What Does Texas Offer?

Unfortunately, Texas is a state that does not offer any license reciprocity. Texas requires 180 hours of pre-licensing education before an applicant can take the state exam. 

An out-of-state licensee can split commission with a Texas license holder, so long as the out-of-state licensee doesn’t do any real estate activities in Texas.

Why Is Texas So Strict?

Texas requires licensees to use Texas’s specific promulgated contracts in their work, so it makes sense that the Texas Real Estate Commission would want every license holder to have a Texas-specific education. 

Reciprocity TO Texas License Holders

What about people who hold a Texas license who want to work in another state? There are states that offer reciprocity to Texans. 

They include:

  • Alabama

  • Colorado

  • Georgia

  • Maine

  • Mississippi

  • Nevada

  • Virginia

Getting Your Texas License

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to a license in Texas, even if you are a practicing real estate agent in another state. To get a license, you must complete six 30-hour courses, each of which has a proctored exam at the end. 

After that, you have to pass the state-administered exam, submit fingerprints, complete an application, pay an application fee, and pass a background check.

For more information about getting your Texas real estate license, check out our Texas career center.

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