2022 Best Online Real Estate Schools in New York

Learn more about the top New York online real estate schools and read user reviews to help you decide which option is best for you to kickstart your real estate career.

Your real estate school is the launchpad for your new career as a real estate professional. Whether you decide to become a real estate agent, a broker, a property manager, or take any of the other real estate career paths available, it all starts with your real estate school.

Several real estate schools in New York offer the pre-license courses you need to get your New York real estate license in a convenient online format. But the quality of education you’ll receive varies from school to school. Before you choose your real estate school, give some careful consideration to your learning style and which school is best suited to meet your needs.

In this post, we’ll review the factors to consider when choosing a real estate school, and we’ll rank the best online real estate schools in New York.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Online Real Estate School in New York

While affordability is certainly an important factor when choosing your online real estate school, it isn’t the only factor. If your real estate school doesn’t prepare you to pass the New York real estate exam, the affordability factor is irrelevant.

So here are four factors to consider in addition to cost:

  • Exam prep: Many schools charge extra for exam prep, but it’s often critical in helping you pass your real estate exam.

  • Curriculum: Most students remember the material better when it is presented as engaging curriculum via video and interactive quizzes.

  • Access to course materials: Online schools will offer ‘round-the-clock access to course materials, but if you can find an online school with courses designed to be accessed from your phone or tablet, you’ll have a lot more flexibility in accessing course materials on-the-go.

  • Access to Instructors and/or real estate professionals: Some schools charge extra for access to instructors or real-world professionals, but if you learn best from engaging directly with the experts, those schools may not be the right fit for you.

With these factors in mind, we’ve ranked the five best online real estate schools in New York.

Here are the Best Online Real Estate Schools in New York:

  1. AceableAgent
  2. Real Estate Express
  3. New York Real Estate Institute (NYREI)
  4. Kaplan (KAPRE)
  5. RealEstateU

1. AceableAgent

AceableAgent (yep, that’s us!) is fairly new to the New York market, but we have an established track record of excellence in other states. In Texas, for example, where we were founded, AceableAgent consistently boasts some of the highest real estate exam pass rates of all real estate schools. So while it may seem presumptuous to give ourselves top billing on this list of the best online real estate schools in New York, we have earned the spot with our exceptional performance in preparing students to pass their exam.

There are several reasons why AceableAgent students perform better on real estate exams than students from other schools:

  • Our interactive curriculum is engaging, which helps students to absorb and retain the material.

  • Our mobile-first design means courses are just as easily accessed from phones and tablets as they are from laptops or home computers. It’s easier to complete the coursework when you can fit study sessions into your everyday life.

  • Exam prep and instructor access are included at no additional cost to our students. We believe these educational elements are critical to student success, so students shouldn’t be charged more for them.

  • Despite all these benefits, AceableAgent’s pricing is still affordable. In fact, we’re less expensive than most of the other best online real estate schools in New York!

Because we pride ourselves on fully preparing students to pass their exams and launch their careers, we offer an Ace or Don’t Pay Guarantee. If you don’t pass your state exam within three attempts, we will refund the cost of your AceableAgent real estate course.

Now, we realize you might be a little skeptical since this is our list of the best online real estate schools in New York, and we’re awarding ourselves the top spot. But we don’t expect you to take our word for it. Take a look at the reviews for AceableAgent on Trustpilot, Google Reviews, and Facebook Reviews. You’ll see what our students have to say about their experience with AceableAgent.

Where AceableAgent excels: Offering engaging, mobile-first curriculum with built-in exam prep, access to instructors, and an Ace or Don’t Pay Guarantee, all at a competitive price.

Where AceableAgent could use a little work: AceableAgent hasn’t reached the name recognition levels as some of the other online real estate schools in New York yet. But give us time!

2. Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express has the name recognition that AceableAgent lacks in New York. Real Estate Express has offered real estate classes since 1996, so many people are familiar with the school. And Real Estate Express currently offers real estate classes in over 30 states, so if you have plans to relocate at some point and will need real estate classes in your new state, Real Estate Express may have your new state covered.

In addition to the name recognition, Real Estate Express offers a well-established reputation for easy enrollment. The user experience of finding your course, getting enrolled, and accessing your course materials is flawless. And if you’re already planning ahead to the continuing education courses required to renew your real estate license, Real Estate Express partners with McKissock learning to provide those courses.

If you learn best from reading a textbook, Real Estate Express might be a good fit for you, as the digital textbooks are well-written. But if you find more engaging coursework more memorable, you might want to look elsewhere.

Real Estate Express course prices are competitive, but you will need to pay extra for exam prep (around $65 more at normal pricing or $45 more at current discounted rates). And if you want access to instructors, that will cost you another $60 at normal rates (or around $40 at discounted rates).

Where Real Estate Express excels: Real Estate Express is among the most well-known online real estate schools in New York and has a solid reputation as a reliable educational provider.

Where Real Estate Express could use a little work: If you want to pass the exam, you’ll need to upgrade to the Exam Preparation package and focus on the exam prep materials. As one Trustpilot reviewer noted, “The course content will never help you with the exam.”

3. New York Real Estate Institute (NYREI)

New York Real Estate Institute, known simply as NYREI, is a local institution, founded in New York in 1987. NYREI has won several awards including the ProForce Platinum Award in Excellence and the Real Estate Library Pure Gold Award. We respect them for serving agents of New York for over thirty years!

NYREI came up with the innovative Start-Any-Time real estate course in the days before online education. This revolutionary system allowed students to start their course on any day and attend a rotating schedule of courses at their leisure to finish the program in as little as 10 days or as long as four months. And NYREI still offers live real estate classes (currently conducted online via Zoom during the COVID pandemic).

In addition to offering real estate license courses, NYREI offers programs for brokers, appraisers, loan originators, home inspectors, and construction managers.

Unfortunately, it’s been several years since the curriculum or user experience systems were updated. The NYREI website doesn’t inspire confidence in students looking for a modern and engaging online learning experience. And it’s expensive. The real estate agent online course starts at $495 but if you want practice exam questions, you need to purchase the $995 platinum package.

Where NYREI excels: NYREI offers a wide range of real estate licensure programs in New York, including Certificates in Commercial Real Estate, Construction Project Management, and Green Building and Practices. In addition to the online self-paced courses, NYREI offers live courses via Zoom.

Where NYREI could use a little work: The programs are expensive, especially considering the dated course curriculum and user experience.

4. Kaplan (KAPRE)

Kaplan Real Estate Education (often just called KAPRE) is part of the massive Kaplan, Inc., an educational network covering everything from college entrance exams to medical, legal, and financial licensure courses. KAPRE is the real estate specific branch of Kaplan, and it offers online real estate courses in all 50 states. It also offers licensure courses for other real estate professionals like brokers, appraisers, and home inspectors. So if you’re looking to collect multiple licenses in multiple states, KAPRE might just be the best fit for you.

But getting back to the New York real estate agent pre-license course: We love that KAPRE offers practice exam questions. And they don’t charge extra for it! The Master Exam Prep Package is included with all New York real estate pre-license packages.

Sadly, Kaplan uses its name recognition to justify high-priced courses. The base package for a New York real estate license is over $500. And with the course curriculum being dated and less-than-engaging, we’re a bit disappointed with the value for your dollar at KAPRE.

Where Kaplan excels: Kaplan offers an exceptionally wide range of real estate industry licensure courses in all 50 states. And exam prep is included in the base-level New York pre-license package.

Where Kaplan could use a little work: Kaplan relies on name recognition to charge higher-than-normal prices. And the dated user experience doesn’t justify the price.

5. RealEstateU

RealEstateU is less well-known than many of the other schools on our list of the best online real estate schools in New York. But it’s making a name for itself because of its unique audio format and its affordability.

Founded in 2013, RealEstateU specializes in audio courses. These audio courses are comparatively inexpensive to make, so RealEstateU can charge less than many other online real estate schools. In fact, RealEstateU is among the most affordable options for real estate students in New York.

If you learn well from audio content, RealEstateU is a fantastic option. You get engaging material at a fraction of the cost of providers like Kaplan and NYREI. And you have the advantage of learning while doing other activities like driving or housework.

But if you’re not an auditory learner, you’ll want to look elsewhere. There are a few visuals to accompany the audio material, but with the bulk of the course being audio, visual learners will quickly get frustrated and will likely abandon the course completely.

Where RealEstateU excels: The unique audio format of the courses allows RealEstateU to offer some of the lowest rates in the state.

Where RealEstateU could use a little work: As innovative as the audio courses are, they don’t work well for all learners. Visual learners would likely do far better with another real estate school.

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