Best Online Real Estate Schools in Georgia

Learn more about the top Online Real Estate Schools and read user reviews to help you decide which option is best for you to kickstart your real estate career.

If you’re considering launching a new career in Georgia real estate, it’s worth investing a little time in finding the best online real estate school in Georgia.

The online option is ideal for students who want to work around their existing schedules and cover the material quickly so they can get to work as a real estate agent. And the real estate school you choose makes a difference. Sure, all online real estate schools in Georgia will cover the same basic information, but the way the information is presented can make the difference between passing and failing your Georgia real estate exam.

To help you choose the best online real estate school in Georgia, we’ve reviewed seven of the most popular real estate education providers in the state. We considered factors like:

  • Curriculum: is the course material presented in such a way that you’ll be able to easily remember it so you can pass your exam?
  • Accessibility: is there round-the-clock access to your course materials? What about access to tech support and instructors if you have questions?
  • Value: price may not be the most important factor, but it still matters. You want your educational investment to pay off!

Let’s see how the best online real estate schools in Georgia compare to one another.

Here are the Best Online Real Estate Schools in Georgia:

  1. AceableAgent
  2. Colibri Real Estate
  3. Kaplan (KAPRE)
  4. The CE Shop
  5. RealEstateU
  6. Barney Fletcher Schools
  7. Georgia MLS Training Institute

1. AceableAgent

That’s right; we’re giving ourselves the top spot on our list of the best online real estate schools in Georgia. And we’re 100% confident in this decision because, based on our objective criteria, we are the best! And we’re sure you’ll agree once you see what AceableAgent has to offer.

It all starts with the curriculum. AceableAgent coursework was designed by an experienced team of veteran real estate professionals, Harvard-educated instructional designers, and professional content writers. To make the course material as interesting and memorable as possible, the courses are full of compelling graphics, video, and audio. No dry eBooks here; this is an interactive learning experience, designed to help you pass your real estate exam and launch your new career.

And no online real estate school is more accessible than AceableAgent. Not only can you take your course from your computer 24/7, but the courses are actually designed to display perfectly on your tablet and cell phone. The courses will sync on all your devices, so you’re always able to pick up where you left off. And with access to tech support, real estate experts to answer questions, and even exam prep included in the cost of your Georgia real estate courses, no real estate school offers better value for your dollar than AceableAgent.

But of course you shouldn’t take our word for it. Just check out AceableAgent’s near-perfect Trustpilot rating, and see what real students are saying about their experience with AceableAgent.

Where AceableAgent excels: The course materials (which display perfectly on any computer, tablet, or phone) are designed to make it fun and easy to learn complex real estate concepts so you’ll be able to pass your real estate exam. And with access to exam prep and real estate pros to answer your questions included in your course, you don’t have to pay extra to get the best possible student experience. This is why AceableAgent is the best online real estate school in Georgia.

Where AceableAgent could use a little work: Many of AceableAgent’s continuing education courses (CE courses) are still in the design phase, so there isn’t a large library of CE courses for agents who are ready to renew their licenses yet.

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”AceableAgent is fantastic! Studying isn’t something that comes easy to me but, I am having fun learning with Ace and I’m Ace’ing the reviews each time!”


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”A FIVE STAR ONLINE COURSE! Aceable Agent was affordable, easy to use, super-informative, and they even offer a mobile app!”


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”Lightyears ahead of other options out there in terms of usability and convenience, and they’re just getting started! Excited to see this company grow.”


2. Colibri Real Estate

Since 1996, Colibri Real Estate, formerly Real Estate Express, has been hosting online real estate courses, so they’re among the most reputable online real estate schools around. Over the years, they’ve created a seamless system for students to choose courses, enroll, and access course materials with their easy-to-navigate platform.

We just wish the course materials were as modern as the enrollment process. While Colibri Real Estate's online course technically covers the principles and practices of real estate, it doesn’t offer memorable visuals to help you retain the information. As one online reviewer stated, “the content of the course is basically copy/pasted from the code of law, so it's often difficult to follow.”

You should also know upfront that exam prep is not included in the standard course. You’ll need to upgrade to the “Exam Preparation” package, which will cost you a little extra. And even with this Exam Preparation package, you won’t have access to course instructors or real estate experts if you have a question. For that, you’d have to upgrade again to the “Exam Preparation Plus” package.

Where Colibri Real Estate excels: Brand awareness. Colibri Real Estate continues to be a popular option because they are often the first real estate school that comes to mind.

Where Colibri Real Estate could use a little work: The course materials would be so much more effective if the content was more engaging. And we would love to see exam prep and instructor access included in the cost of the package.

3. Kaplan (KAPRE)

Kaplan Real Estate Education (also called KAPRE) offers a wide range of professional courses. Not only can you take your pre-licensure courses to get your real estate sales license or broker’s license in any of the 50 states, but you could also get licensed in areas like appraisal, home inspection, and contracting.

So if you need to be licensed in multiple states or multiple disciples, Kaplan may be a solid option. But for those who just want a Georgia real estate license, check out Kaplan’s real estate curriculum and pricing before choosing KAPRE.

The most basic package is just a digital textbook. And it will cost you around $300. If you want exam prep, you’ll have to pay more. And you still won’t get the engaging course content other online real estate schools in Georgia offer. So while KAPRE is a respectable institution with tons of licensing options nation-wide, the cost is just too high for most students, given the lackluster curriculum.

Where Kaplan excels: As part of Kaplan Inc, KAPRE offers more licensure courses in the real estate industry than any other provider on our list of the best online real estate schools in Georgia.

Where Kaplan could use a little work: With Kaplan, you’ll pay a lot more for a lot less than you can get with other educational providers.

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4. The CE Shop

The CE Shop launched in 2005 and has quickly grown, now offering real estate courses in all 50 states. The strong point of The CE Shop is its modern courses at affordable prices. The coursework isn’t just a digital textbook; it includes some memorable visuals to help you learn the concepts more easily.

And while lots of providers offer packages with a business-building course (to help you learn about prospecting, sales, negotiating, and other skills that aren’t included in state-required pre-license coursework), these additional courses are usually cost-prohibitive. But The CE Shop offers a business-building package at a reasonable price.

As much as we love these high pass rates, we’re disappointed that the base-level “Courses Only” package doesn’t include exam prep. You need to purchase the next level “Standard Package” to get the test prep that will help you pass the real estate exam.

Where The CE Shop excels: The CE Shop offers an affordable “Build Your Business” package to help you get started in the industry.

Where The CE Shop could use a little work: Like so many other online real estate schools, The CE Shop doesn’t include exam prep in their base-level package.

5. RealEstateU

RealEstateU takes a slightly different approach to course design. Instead of focusing on text or visuals, RealEstateU courses are audio-based. If you’re an audio learner who can retain the information you hear while driving, walking, or doing chores around the house, RealEstateU is a great way to multitask.

But if you are more of a visual learner RealEstateU courses would likely be frustrating for you. It’s also worth noting that it can be difficult to study with audio courses since you can’t mark important information as you move through the course or easily look up answers when reviewing your practice quizzes.

We also appreciate that there’s almost always a sales price for RealEstateU courses. The “normal” rate is higher than most online real estate schools in Georgia, but the sales rates are often below other school’s prices.

Where RealEstateU excels: RealEstateU offers a unique learning experience, perfectly suited to audio learners, at affordable rates (assuming you get the almost-always-offered special rate).

Where RealEstateU could use a little work: While there are some supplementary infographics and diagrams, the audio-first instruction would be difficult for visual learners to follow.

6. Barney Fletcher Schools

Barney Fletcher Schools has been serving Georgia real estate professionals for over 25 years. They focus solely on real estate salespeople and brokers for the state of Georgia only. This limited offering isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you’re planning on staying in Georgia and sticking to just real estate sales and brokering, this might be all you need.

In addition to on-campus and fully-online courses, Barney Fletcher Schools offers a “live online” option for students who prefer a live instructor, but still want to learn remotely. The cost is the same as the on-campus classes, so be prepared to spend around $450 if you choose this option.

Our biggest issue with the online course is that exam prep isn’t included in the base-level package. At Barney Fletcher’s normal prices, upgrading to the Premium Package, which includes exam prep will cost an extra $211! And even at the special prices available as of this writing, the Premium Package is $168 more than the basic package.

Where Barney Fletcher Schools excels: Offering a “live online” course gives students the option to have a remote learning experience with a live instructor.

Where Barney Fletcher Schools could use a little work: As is the case with so many other online real estate schools, you have to pay extra for exam prep. And we’re talking quite a lot extra in this case.

7. Georgia MLS Training Institute

Georgia MLS Training Institute is a low-cost real estate education provider. And while we’re normally happy to save money, enrolling in a real estate school that doesn’t prepare you to pass your exam ends up being a waste of money. That’s the biggest complaint against Georgia MLS; online students say the course materials don’t prepare you for the course exam. And that doesn’t bode well for your chances on the state exam.

The user experience is also a little rough. To even view the school’s website, you might need to use a different browser than your normal Chrome because the site may not load on Chrome.

So why is Georgia MLS Training Institute on our list of the best online real estate schools in Georgia? Georgia MLS made our list because 1) it’s a cost-effective option for self-starters who know how to seek out additional information and can learn 100% independently, and 2) it’s among the top seven most popular online real estate schools in Georgia in terms of enrollment.

Where Georgia MLS Training Institute excels: Georgia MLS Training Institute offers lower-cost courses than most other providers.

Where Georgia MLS Training Institute could use a little work: The low cost comes at a high price; several of Georgia MLS’s students complain that the online course doesn’t prepare you for the course exam, let alone the Georgia real estate exam.

Don’t wait another day to start on the path to your new career. Enroll in one of the best online real estate schools in Georgia today!