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Can You Answer These Washington Real State Exam Questions?

See how many answers you can get right in this sampling of Washington real estate exam questions.


Question 1:

A town builds a new school that raises property values throughout the new school district. Which economic characteristic of land does this scenario MOST illustrate?

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Washington Real Estate Practice Tests That Put Your Career on the Right Path

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What to Expect on the Washington Real Estate Broker Exam:

We’ve created Washington broker exam practice tests based on the real thing. After taking our DOL-approved 90-hour Washington real estate course, the practice tests are the perfect follow-up for reinforcing what you learned. They will also give you a better idea of what you’ll see on the actual broker exam so that you’re fully prepared on test day.

Want to know what’s on the Washington broker exam? Below is a quick overview of what you can expect to see.

Washington Real Estate Exam Questions:

The Washington real estate broker exam includes 100 questions on the national portion and 30 questions on the state portion. However, the questions are mixed together rather than being two separate exams.

Exam Topics:

The Washington real estate broker exam has different categories of questions for the national portion. There are 11 categories in total:

  • Contracts - 17 Questions
  • Practice of Real Estate - 13 Questions
  • Principles of Agency (General) - 13 Questions
  • Financing - 10 Questions
  • Real Estate Calculations - 10 Questions
  • Transfer of Title - 8 Questions
  • Property Ownership - 8 Questions
  • Market Analysis and Valuation - 7 Questions
  • Property Disclosures - 6 Questions
  • Land Use Controls and Regulations - 5 Questions
  • Property Management and Leasing - 3 Questions

Question Format

The Washington real estate broker exam is a multiple-choice test. Each question will have four answer options.

Test Timeframe

You’ll be given 3.5 hours to take the entire broker exam. Since the questions are mixed together, there aren’t separate designated times for the state and national portions like there are in many other states. However, if you are only taking the national portion the exam will be 2.5 hours. And if you’re only taking the state exam, you’ll have 1.5 hours to finish.

Passing Score

You must have a scaled score of 70 or higher on both portions to pass the Washington broker exam. Even though the questions are mixed together, each portion of the exam is scored independently. That means you could pass the state or national broker portion without passing the other. If that’s the case you’ll only need to retake the portion you didn’t pass.

Resources That Go Beyond Real Estate Practice Exams in Washington

Take your new career to the next level with Washington real estate resources that go beyond practice tests. All students have access to the AceableAgent blog and Washington Real Estate Career Center that contains information about getting a license and becoming a broker.

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  • Over 3,000 unique practice test questions.
  • Real estate exam prep ebook.
  • Invites to live webinars that cover core real estate topics.
  • Access to live Q&As on Facebook.

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