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Can You Answer These Arizona Real State Exam Questions?

See how many answers you can get right in this sampling of Arizona real estate exam questions.


Question 1:

What term most accurately describes a piece of land and its improvements?

PrepAgent course question with explanation of answer

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What to Expect on the Arizona Real Estate Exam:

The Aceable Agent online Arizona real estate licensing course is designed to help prepare you to not only pass the licensing exam but to ace it! There are several versions of the exam, which are called forms. The test forms are based on content outlines that are also used to create the curriculum of our licensing course.

Want a better idea of what you’ll see on the Arizona real estate exam? The overview below will let you know what to expect on test day.

Arizona Real Estate Exam Questions:

The Arizona real estate salesperson exam has 195 questions, but 15 of those are pretest questions that don’t count toward the final score. There is no national portion to the exam. All of the Arizona real estate exam questions are state-specific.

Exam Topics:

There are a number of exam topics on the Arizona real estate salesperson test with a different number of questions in each one. In total the exam has 27 categories:

  • Real Estate Statutes - 18 Questions
  • Commissioner’s Rules - 14 Questions
  • Agency Relationships and Managerial Duties - 13 Questions
  • Contracts and Contract Law - 10 Questions
  • Property Interests, Estates and Tenancies - 11 Questions
  • Government Rights in Real Property - 5 Questions
  • Income Tax Aspects of Real Estate - 2 Questions
  • Arizona Water Law - 6 Questions
  • Environmental Law - 6 Questions
  • Land Descriptions - 5 Questions
  • Encumbrances - 4 Questions
  • Acquisitions and Transfer of Title - 7 Questions
  • Escrow and Settlement - 4 Questions
  • Fair Housing and ADA - 4 Questions
  • Leases and Leasehold Estates - 8 Questions
  • Arizona Residential Landlord Tenant Act - 6 Questions
  • Property Management - 7 Questions
  • Property Insurance and Warranties - 2 Questions
  • Appraisal - 4 Questions
  • Financing Concepts/Primary and Secondary Markets - 5 Questions
  • Residential and Commercial Financing - 5 Questions
  • Financing Documents - 4 Questions
  • Deed of Trust Foreclosure - 6 Questions
  • Disclosure and Consumer Protection - 7 Questions
  • Math Calculations - 12 Questions
  • Cooperative Nature of Real Estate - 2 Questions

Question Format

You’ll be answering multiple-choice test questions on the Arizona real estate salesperson exam.

Test Timeframe

You’ll have a total of 300 minutes to complete the Arizona real estate salesperson exam. The time will start the second you look at the first test question.

Passing Score

In order to pass the Arizona real estate exam you must get a 75% or higher on the test. At the end of the test, a score report will be generated. Test takers that pass will be given an Arizona real estate salesperson application. If you don’t pass you’ll be given information on how to retake the exam.

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