What Can You Do With a Real Estate License in North Carolina?

When you invest in your career by getting a professional license, the more job opportunities the license gives you the better. Technically, you can’t get any job with a North Carolina real estate salesperson license, because that license doesn’t exist. North Carolina is a broker-only state. That means the entry-level license is a provisional broker license.

Getting a North Carolina real estate license means that you can legally work in a brokerage capacity for residential or commercial real estate. But that’s just one line of work you can have. There are literally dozens of careers that you can pursue once you’re licensed.

If you’re considering whether or not it’s worth it to get a North Carolina real estate license our experienced team can help you decide if it’s right for your career path. Some careers on the list below require a North Carolina real estate license to hold the position while others are a prerequisite for private employment or provide a serious edge in getting the job.

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Real Estate Careers in North Carolina

North Carolina Real Estate Broker-in-Charge

North Carolina Real Estate License Required: Yes

Provisional brokers have independent careers like real estate agents, but they are supervised by a broker-in-charge (BIC). One of the prerequisites for becoming a BIC is having a provisional broker license. It’s the first step if you dream of owning your own brokerage one day.

North Carolina Real Estate Leasing Agent

North Carolina Real Estate License Required: Yes

With so many people renting properties in North Carolina you may find that being a leasing agent will be a lucrative career. If that’s the case you’re going to need a North Carolina provisional broker license. Simply offering to lease a property for another person with the expectation of getting compensated requires a license.

North Carolina Real Estate Property Manager

North Carolina Real Estate License Required: Most likely

Managing multi-unit properties is no small task. It requires a lot of real estate knowledge just to handle the regular day-to-day tasks. For that reason, North Carolina property managers are required to hold a real estate license if they are acting in the full capacity of the position and negotiating leases, which most property managers do. Salaried property managers that strictly carry out the management tasks and leave the negotiating to the property owner don’t need to have a real estate license, but it may be required to be eligible for some property manager positions.

North Carolina Broker Assistant

North Carolina Real Estate License Required: Possibly

In North Carolina, if you work for a broker as a salaried employee there’s a chance you may need a real estate license. It all depends on the scope of your work. As long as the work is administrative and you’re carrying out activities on behalf of the broker-in-charge (no negotiating) you can be a broker’s assistant without a license. That said, many brokers prefer that their assistant be licensed so there aren’t any potential issues.

North Carolina Transaction Coordinator

North Carolina Real Estate License Required: Possibly

The transaction coordinator’s job is mostly administrative as you are assisting a broker with a real estate transaction. Many top-producing real estate teams hire a transaction coordinator to handle all of the non-sales related parts of a deal like coordinating inspections. Since transaction coordinators are part of the closing process it’s often preferred that they have a license.

Real Estate Photographer/Videographer

North Carolina Real Estate License Required: No

Photos and videos are a big part of selling a property today. While many real estate photographers have never been licensed, having experience as a broker can help. It’s not uncommon for someone to become a licensed broker then discover they have a real talent or passion for a related job like photographing properties. Photographers with real estate experience will know what buyers want to see and how to frame a property in the best possible way.

North Carolina Real Estate Appraiser

North Carolina Real Estate License Required: No

North Carolina appraisers do need a license, just not a real estate license. They must first be a trainee and can then apply for a North Carolina appraiser license. You could go right into being an appraiser, but having experience as a real estate broker is a definite plus. After a few years as a broker, if you find your favorite part of the job is touring homes and figuring out market value, this could be a great job for you.

Home Inspector

North Carolina Real Estate License Required: No

Like appraisers, home inspectors need to be licensed, but not by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. Home inspectors must have a license from the state Home Inspector Licensure Board. Here again, having experience in real estate does help. Experienced real estate brokers learn what to look for when they tour homes to gauge the construction quality and whether repairs are needed.

Real Estate Marketer

North Carolina Real Estate License Required: No

Marketing is a huge part of selling homes, from putting a sign in the yard to running Google Ad campaigns. Real estate marketers work for brokerages and businesses to provide online and offline marketing services. Some real estate marketers are salaried employees while others are freelance consultants. Either way, a North Carolina real estate license isn’t required, but it can definitely be beneficial for industry knowledge and insights.

Property Developer in North Carolina

North Carolina Real Estate License Required: No

Property developers are among the most knowledgeable people in the real estate industry. Many started as a real estate agent or provisional broker before moving into commercial real estate or brokerage ownership, but that isn’t always the case. After helping other developers buy properties, some brokers decide to use their skills for themselves by getting into property development. Even if you're not the one in charge or bankrolling the project, you could get hired as a property developer on a project.

North Carolina Real Estate Attorney

North Carolina Real Estate License Required: Yes, if they want to conduct broker activities.

Having a license to practice real estate law in North Carolina isn’t an exemption for getting a real estate broker license if you want to close deals. But licensed attorneys may automatically qualify for a real estate license without having to take the required pre-license courses.

Corporate Real Estate Manager

North Carolina Real Estate License Required: Possibly

Some investment groups and companies have massive real estate portfolios, and they need someone to manage them. That’s where the corporate real estate manager comes into play. Part of the job role could be negotiating real estate deals, which requires a broker license. It’s also common for investment groups and companies to require that any applicants already have an active North Carolina real estate license.

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